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There Are Other Matters of Concern


Dear Source:
While I would always agree that the present postings on the ICC bankruptcy issue is news, I do not believe this is as important as the serious issues affecting St. Croix residents. Let's find out why St. Croix with its land resources cannot seem to attract any type of businesses other than what St. Thomas allows or the real reason Island Dairies has closed its business doors. Maybe the education system should be up for a thorough review and responsibility attached to individuals. It just seems that there has to be more important news.
This site was initially recommended to me by other residents of St. Croix who are no longer visiting St. Croix Source for the reason I mentioned. Your site is valuable to those of us living in the United States with hopes to return home in the near future.
I currently reside in Washington, DC on a temporary basis. I will be returning home to St. Croix next year.
Keith Coates
Washington, D.C.

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