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Port Authority Is Doing the Right Thing


It is about time one of our illustrious public entities did something to promote tourism and travel to our islands. While so many are happy enough to accept a paycheck for doing nothing, sitting comfortably in their offices and saying, "We don't have to do anything; the tourists will come anyway," the VI Port Authority has stepped up and shown some initiative.
In the article, "Port Authority Offers Airlines Added Incentive to Increase Flights" (25 October 2006), the Source reported VIPA's announcement that the authority will waive landing fees for 90 days. All other government agencies should take note, particularly those having anything whatsoever to do with expanding and improving our tourism industry. The time for resting on brittle laurels is long gone. When the embargo on Cuba is lifted, Caribbean destinations, which have not begun to enhance their tourism base, will be left in the dust. This is a time for proactive solutions. If we are caught with our pants down, they will stay down for an embarrassingly long time.
Congratulations to VIPA for blazing the trail in what should be a continuing quest for better, more pragmatic methods of ensuring the future of our lifeblood industry.
Paul Cater Deaton
St. Thomas

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