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FYI: Donastorg Says PSC Nonsense Will End in January


Nov. 3, 2006 Senator Adlah "Foncie" Donastorg said that yesterday's Senate hearing on the Public Services Commission was a waste of time and resources.
"We are spinning our wheels," Donastorg said. "We will not truly get to the bottom of this or any issue involving Innovative Communications until there is radical reform at the PSC and real leadership in Government House."
Donastorg said that an ineffective PSC was to blame for high utility rates and poor service.
"This Commission has had some honorable members over the years," Donastorg said. "But it has generally operated in a way that is weak and tainted by corruption."
Senator Donastorg said he is the only gubernatorial candidate that can be counted on to resolve the problems at the PSC once and for all.
"Enough is enough," Donastorg said. "I will end all this confusion and nonsense at the PSC in January immediately after taking office. Dr. Cora Christian and I already have a plan in place and will be firm, but fair, in dealing with the PSC and ICC."
Donastorg said that if consumers wanted better service, lower rates and a functioning PSC, he was their best, and probably only, choice.
"Both Kenneth Mapp and John deJongh have had numerous opportunities to take a stand on this issue and they failed the businesses and rate payers of the Virgin Islands," Donastorg said. "We can't count on either of these gentlemen to do what is necessary when it comes to the PSC and ICC. They have proven they will not stand up for your rights and I have proven otherwise."


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