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Commentary: Source Endorses John deJongh for Governor


Nov. 3, 2006 — John deJongh and Gregory Francis have promised to bring dignity, intelligence and trust to Government House. It is a tall order, but we believe their respective backgrounds and track records, coupled with their deportment during the campaign, indicate they can do it.
We also believe they can bring much-needed change to the way we do business in the territory.
We believe their histories suggest they are sincere in their desire to end public corruption and restore integrity to our institutions and agencies.
We also believe they have the desire to support the average citizen by developing plans and offering initiatives that will bring economic opportunity and stability to all residents.
With his lifelong background in both public and private finance, deJongh has the expertise and savvy to make good on his commitments to stabilize the Government Employees Retirement System, pay the retroactive funds due to government workers and see to it that young Virgin Islanders are provided the tools needed to be truly successful.
Francis brings vast administrative experience and ability to oversee and coordinate the variety of responsibilities that fall to the Office of Lieutenant Governor. And coming from a military background that requires above all discipline, we believe that Francis exemplifies that quality which is sorely needed in our community.
We also believe deJongh and Francis have what it takes to join the broad spectrum of our population in a common aim to make a better life for everyone.
DeJongh, with his leadership in the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands, knows deeply the problems facing the most hopeless in our society. His years of service to that and other organizations lend proof of his sincere desire to implement well-thought-out approaches to our problems. But he and Francis have said all along they don't intend to do any of this in isolation. And we intend to hold them to their campaign commitment to engage the community in the governing process.
It will be a long, arduous — and even treacherous — road to effect true change. But we believe these two men, with the support of their families and the community, are the best qualified of all the teams to deliver what they promise.


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