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'To See and To Touch' to Open at Mango Tango Gallery


Nov. 5, 2006 – Mango Tango Art Gallery will open a photography and wood sculpture/woodturning exhibition entitled "To See & To Touch." The artist reception honoring the six photographers and two wood sculptors will be held from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., on Friday, Nov. 10, The exhibition will present the exploration of line, shape, pattern and form in limited edition photos and three-dimensional indigenous wood creations.
Two photographers will provide contemporary views. Amanda Arguello makes her debut combining clear encaustic with images of nautical details. Her portfolio focuses on color and texture to create engaging abstracts. Digital photographer Derrick Grant will display colorful close-ups of tropical flowers and butterflies in large format. A visit to a butterfly farm inspired his vibrant, surreal suite of photos.
International icon Reenie Barrow enlists the rich capabilities of a Hasselblad to capture the essence of a flower. The large format black and white photos are printed with the Iris process on rice paper, in a very limited edition of five. A photo by Ensor Colon conveys his emotional connection to the sea, whether he is capturing the visual impact of the surrounding ocean of Puerto Rico, where he was born, or of the Virgin Islands, where he lives. The photos are works of art, which he often renders into powerful paintings.
John Connor's work around the world has given him the chance to share his personal observations of Australia, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Kuwait, Palau, and Vietnam. His candid images of people and buildings transport the viewer to unexpected places.
Steffen Larsen joins the gallery for a second time. He will present large format color photos entitled "The Splendor of Havana II." His new grouping concentrates on the rich details of the stately colonial architecture.
Currently, Holland Van Gores looks for fallen discarded wood for his turnings and sculpture. The scope of his talent can be seen in a simple turned vessel which emphasizes the patterns of the wood, as well as in a complex wood sculpture of a black hole, polished, and lacquered and painted to include the galaxies.
Barbados-born and European-educated Courney Devonish works in a large studio and operates the esteemed Devonish Art Gallery in Anguilla. He also looks for indigenous woods, with a fondness for island mahogany. His "touch form" abstract pieces are just as esthetically pleasing as his sensuous female forms.
It is the goal of the "To See & To Touch Exhibition" to communicate the visual and tactile visions of expressive artists with viewers to obtain response, whether unexpected or deliberate. Consider the November show an interactive one, a venue for reflection and reaction.
The band 2 Blue Shoes will perform bluesy originals and soulful interpretations of Tom Waits, Randy Newman and Bob Dylan during the champagne reception.
St. John gallery-goers will be provided with a complimentary shuttle to Red Hook that will return on the 9 p.m. ferry. The show continues for one month. For more information, call 777-3060.


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