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Young People Compete in St. Croix Metric Mile Road Race


Dec. 10, 2006 — On Saturday, 31 runners competed in the 9th St. Croix Metric Mile Road Race, with Juan Robles and Ninfa Barnard finishing in the top spots.
The group of mostly young people raced 1500 meters in Upper Love St. Croix on a perfectly flat course with only one turn. Robles, a senior at St. Croix Central High School (CHS) pulled ahead in the end after the Junior Barracudas Track Club (JBTC) of St. Croix Educational Complex High School led the way nearly up to the 800 meters mark. Each year Robles improves his time in this race, as he finished first overall in four minutes and three seconds. Ian Cuffy of the JBTC was second in 4:37; Clint Smith of JBTC was third in 4:39; Lester Liburd, JBTC, fourth in 4:40; and Calvin Dascent, JBTC, fifth in 4:43.
Ninfa Barnard of the St. Croix Track Club (SCTC) had a strong performance as she emerges as the top school middle-distance runner in the territory, with a first-place finish for females in 5:15. Mireille Smith, SCTC coach finished second in 5:25. Zhondra Carty of the Hounds and Foxes Track Club (HFTC) was third in 6:18; Jazmine Willock of the HFTC was the fourth — and the first female in the 13 and under category — in 6:39; and Rosa Clemente of HFTC was fifth overall and second in the group in 7:39. Mikaella Smith finished sixth overall and third in the group in 7:41.
Malique Smith was the first-place finisher among 13 and under boys in 7:41; Felix Navarro of Eulalie Elementary School (ERES) was second in 6:03; Danley Francis of EREC was third in 7:25; Barthelemy Peter, HFTC, was fourth in 7:44; and D'Quan Daniel of HFTC was fifth in 8:06.
The Finishers: Male
1.Juan Robles, CHS 4:03
2. Ina Cuffy, JBTC 4:37
3. Clint Smith, JBTC 4:39
4. Lester Liburd, JBTC 4:40
5. Calvin Dascent, JBTC 4:43
6. Malcolm Phillip, JBTC 4:57
7. Adrian Mootoo, JBTC 5:05
8. Raibin Quintero, CHS 5:10
9. Daven Francis, JBTC 5:12
10. Dillon Inglis, JBTC 5:16
11. William Peterson, JBTC 5:35
12. Malique Smith, SCTC 5:36
13. Felix Navarro, 6:03
14. Danley Francis, ERES 7:25
15. Barthelemy Peter, EREC 7:44
16. D'Quan Daniel, HFTC 806
17. Demar Brow, St. Patricks School 8:14
18. Christopher Wilson, HFTC 8:29
19. Adriel Sanes, HFTC 8:32
The Finishers: Female
1.Ninfa Barnard, SCTC 5:15
2. Mireille Smith, SCTC 5:23
3. Zhondra Carty HFTC 6:18
4. Jazmine Willocks, HFTC 6:39
5. Rosa Clemente, HFTC 7:39
6. Mikaella Smith, SCTC 7:41
7. Dominique Willock, HFTC 7:59
8. K'niya Allick, HFTC 8:09
9. J'Shada Bates, HFTC 8:18
10. Utshana Barry, HFTC 9:07
11. Rosa Willock, HFTC 13:92
The next race on the V.I.Pace Runners' calendar is the Cane Bay 5-Mile Road Race at Cane Bay Beach, scheduled for 7 a.m. on Saturday Dec. 16.
For information, call the V.I. Pace Runners at 340-643-2557 or click here.
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