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Peace and Quiet on Earth


Dear Source:

Peace on earth and good will toward men is a wonderful mantra during the holiday season. A phenomenon that makes our home less peaceful has increased steadily through the years. It is noise pollution. A major culprit is performance enhancing exhaust systems or in some cases, no exhaust/ muffler at all. Why does anyone need the increased performance of exhaust systems designed for race cars in St. Thomas? The highest posted speed limit is 35 MPH. Very often on a quiet night, the peace is shattered by the disturbing whine of a want-a-be race car driver's car or a rice rocket motorcycle with little or no muffling basting up and down our roads. The noise travels far and wide to the pleasure of the offender and the disgust of many. I can remember a time when if you had as much as a pin hole in your muffler, the inspectors at inspection lane would fail your car and you would have to arrange repairs before it would pass.
Anything other than standard equipment mufflers and exhaust systems should be banned. Not only are they an annoyance, they encourage speeding and reckless driving.
Peace on Earth. It's a wonderful thought, but peace and quiet are my holiday wishes.

Thomas P. Kaestner Sr.
Virgin Islands

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