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Coach Paradise: In a Pickle


Dear Coach Paradise,
I am in a pickle. I have so many projects going that I don’t know where to begin. I don’t seem to be getting very far on any of them and feel like burying my head in the sand. I know that I don’t believe that I can really pull any of them off so, what’s the point of trying? I also know that with this attitude nothing good is going to happen and am snapping at my husband and daughter and complaining about the bad weather (this letter comes from up north where I am dreaming of Paradise). I have been in therapy and know about depression and am in touch with my therapist. I keep reading about coaching and it sounds like a Life Coach might be just what I need right now. What do you think?
Snowed-in (in more ways than one)
Dear Snowed in –
Wow. Your visual metaphors are a delight – I can picture you stuffed into a glass pickle jar next to your green compatriots in the brine (on the one hand) and as an ostrich on the beach missing the best part because your head is nowhere to be seen. You have a vivid imagination, are dramatic and passionate. These are good things if you can shift your perspective and focus on what IS working rather than all that is awry in your life.
The fact that you are writing to ask for help tells me that you are tired of the pickle jar and ready to take some big (and exciting) steps that might just “rock your world.” What would it be like if life got easier? If you had an attitude adjustment and began attracting positive people and opportunities into your life rather than burdens and piles of unfinished business? What if this change in attitude made your realize that the piles were made of gold and some of the projects could be farmed out or taken to the dump? I would suggest that creating more space in your life would allow you to breathe deeply, take stock and relax for a minute so that you can figure out what is really important and enjoyable and worthy of your precious energy. Clarity brings things into focus and picturing where you want to be is the first step (i.e., start with the end).
I am glad you are in touch with your therapist. Depression is an illness and something not to be taken lightly. Depressing (negative) thoughts can also be habits that keep us stuck in a rut or down in the dumps (metaphor of your choice here). Remember that where you place your focus is what expands. If you develop a practice of focusing on what you want, on the positive in any situation and what is working in your life – you will be very pleasantly surprised to find out that you can deliberately create the life you want to be living. A coach would be the perfect partner on this journey and just what you need. You are right.
To your outrageous success,
Coach Paradise
Editor's note: Coach Paradise (AKA Anne Nayer), Professional Life Coach, is a member of the International Coaching Federation, an MSW clinical social worker-psychotherapist and a medical case manager with 30 years experience working with people of all shapes, sizes and challenges.
For further information about her services, call 774-4355 or email her.


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