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His Appointment Was a Mistake


Dear Source:
It's my understanding that when an acting Governor of the Virgin Islands nominates someone to a position on the bench, that person's nomination has to be both cleared and confirmed by the legislature. A poll is also taken within the ranks of the V.I. Bar Association members.
In the case of Leon Kendall, I do remember that he did NOT have the vote of the V.I. Bar Association members who, in fact, rather dunned him as being – as I recall – lacking in experience. As I remember, Leon Kendall had served well within the confines of the government as an attorney but had never actually presented or participated in any court cases and was considered by his peers as basically being ill- equipped to deal with real court cases and certainly not a candidate for a judgeship.
Judge Kendall's record has thus far borne out his peers' estimation of his lack of ability. This latest fiasco is just the icing on the cake where his general record is concerned. Much has gone before. His recent comments about defendant Ashley Williams, and his angst about imposing the minimum sentence, has left the whole community very, very cold. Judge Leon Kendall's mentor, The Honorable Turnbull is gone, probably off to browse in all those fields filled with the antiques he purchased at taxpayer's expense and all the back pockie dough he managed to accumulate and stash away during his tenure.
Putting Judge Leon Kendall back in the rank and file is certainly an important issue which needs to be addressed. Helping our new governor and his administration implement directives and legislation to negate such travesties in the future should be in the forefront of any interested person's platform for the future.
Anna Clarke
St. Thomas

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