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Gallery St. Thomas Presents William L. Stoehr


Feb. 15, 2007- Gallery St. Thomas will feature an exhibit of new work by William L. Stoehr of St. John on Feb. 17. Titled "Crossroads," the show will open with a meet-the-artist reception from 3-8 p.m. at the gallery, No. 1 Main Street, Upper Level, across from Cardow.
"In 'Crossroads,' Stoehr explores new directions in his bold, vivid painting style," says Gallery St. Thomas owner Claire Ochoa. "Bill Stoehr's work has become widely collected and respected since he began painting when he moved to St. John. I'm delighted to present a fourth exhibit of his new work, which has become stronger with each passing year. As Stoehr (pronounced Stair) becomes more widely known, I am proud that Virgin Islanders were among the first to collect his work."
In talking about his new canvases, Stoehr says, "I think these paintings are more expressive in terms of emotions conveyed. From confidence to fury or sadness, from angst to joy, I try to capture the women I portray as they experience these emotions. As I work to show these feelings, I find myself painting in a more abstract direction and incorporating more symbols. Another area I am exploring is luminosity. A recent painting titled 'Let There Be Light' served as a trigger point in my effort to capture on canvas the shimmering qualities of light. I've worked to create a glow, a luminous effect, while continuing to use strong geometric elements in the compositions."
The exhibit will be on view at Gallery St. Thomas from Feb 17-24. To preview the show, go to www.GalleryStThomas.com. The exhibit is open to the public and all works are available for sale.


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