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It's Time for the Legislature to Regroup


Dear Source:
Good for May Cornwall-Adams! Your letter says a lot about the kind of person you are.
It just goes to prove that good people–like this woman–can NEVER be successful in their positions or goals if they are put into a ridiculous position as determined by a Legislature that has no vision or clear understanding of the problems.
Our Legislature must move beyond petty hen-pecking for power and individual recognition…and instead regroup…take a deep breathe…listen to the people…. hey, even apologize for some of their very bad behavior this past year…and instead focus on the many, multi-layered problems we have to solve.
Our present legislature badly needs to take a course in "Team Management and Problem Solving"- and soon. THEN maybe we can really have a "Waste Management Authority" that means exactly that…. truly manages waste in such a way that we can all be involved in our many great "think out of the bin" ideas to make our Islands proud.
Bonny Corbeil
St. John

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