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Putting the Legislature on a Diet


Dear Source:
In regards to the increased property taxes in the VI's, I understand that it must go up.
The fact is–I have said for many years now–that a way to increase revenues to deal with our many problems is to increase the former too low-property taxes. Why have out taxes been so low for so long?
Because, as usual, there has been no one in the past Government "on the ball"…paying attention; demonstrating leadership through insight and vision, keeping up with the times.
And now those taxes on St. John are "through the roof"…way too much because of our limited land here because of the National Park, a double edged sword–Thank God for it–and here we are being penalized because of the supply and demand reality.
Then there is the EDC and it's effect on encouraging the millionaires to scoop up land; build mansions and effect our land prices.
It appears that perhaps someone in our government wasn't truly thinking this through, as well.
And here we are, the little guy, facing the serious question of whether or not we can continue to live on our home Island because of these high taxes (not to mentions ridiculous food prices; high gas prices and crazy those Wapa bills!)
Not fair.
Why are we so frustrated and angry?
I would guess that it is because our Government (mostly past Administrations) are making "the little guy on St. John" pay for their ongoing, year upon year of money mismanagement; and lack of planning.
The fact is there are numerous cases of money being wasted in almost every aspect of the operations of the top heavy bureaucracy that seems ingrained in the dysfunctional way we govern ourselves.
The VI WM's rejected plan (thank God!); the present request for more money for The Constitutional Conventional Delegates; the recent suggestion to create yet another bureaucracy to address the serious problems in Corrections; the mess that we are in with WAPA; and of course the pay raises of the infamous Bill #6905 by the 26th. Legislature sneakily done at the last minute under former Gov. Charles Turnbull.
Need I say more?
What is wrong with this picture?
Pure and simply accountability and good basic business management practices.
You can't spend money you don't have; in fact when you do, you end up in the "pickle" we find ourselves in.
There is so much money here….and so much constantly being wasted.
Anyone in private business in the VI's has to constantly review and revise spending practices and stay within a realistic budget. They have to sacrifice when necessary; reorganize themselves; think outside the box; cut the "fat" of unnecessary costs.
Instead of taxing people out of their homes on St. John how about this Legislature look within it's own realm of responsibility and find ways to cut back on unnecessary spending and wasted money?
You Senators could demonstrate some fiscal responsibility and perhaps earn back some much needed constituent respect by first repealing Act # 6905.
Give that money back to the people's coffers to put to better use in all of the problems we have to solve.
It has not been earned, in my opinion, and worse still, St. Johnians are, once again, having to pay the cost of a government that has such little representation on this Island.
I am an optimist by nature, as well as a realist.
I am hoping that our Senators wake up and do the right thing.
Bonny Corbeil
St. John

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