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Lack of Power to Review Judges


Dear Source:
I agree with Senator Russell that the problem of not being able to review and remove a judge goes far beyond the Kendall matter. I would want to know Maria Hodge's view before proceeding with Russell's recommended referendum. Why proceed with something which could result in more legal problems.
For the present, the situation with Kendall should be a lesson to the Legislature which approved him in the face of the local bar association's not recommending him. Kendall's appointment to the bench was, I believe, the idea of Turnbull. 'Nuff said.
In the meantime, if the presiding judge were so inclined, Kendall could be assigned to the civil, not the criminal, docket so that the public's fear of his releasing more dangerous people on their own recognizance could not happen.
Isn't this an issue which the Constitutional Convention should consider?

Dena Langdon
St. Thomas

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