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Gallery St. Thomas Presents New Work by William L. Stoehr


Feb. 13, 2008 – St. John artist William L. Stoehr will debut over 20 new works at Gallery St. Thomas from Feb. 15-22. The exhibit will open with a meet-the-artist reception from 3-8 p.m., on Friday, Feb. 15, according to a press release from gallery owner Claire Ochoa. The gallery is located at No. 1 Main Street, upper level, across from Cardow.
"The vivid and dramatic paintings by Bill Stoehr (pronounced Stair) have earned him increased recognition and respect on the mainland and in Europe since our exhibit last year," says Ochoa. "As the first gallery to recognize and showcase his talent, I'm proud to present a fifth exhibit of his new canvases and delighted that Virgin Islanders were able to be among the first to collect his work."
Stoehr had a showing at Art Expo in New York last March and plans to exhibit in Germany this summer. The Space Gallery of contemporary art in Denver featured his work in a two-artist show last month, and he will show at a St. Barth's gallery in April.
Stoehr's signature pieces feature female nudes painted with an abstract expressionist technique. "This helps my work convey emotion in a raw power way, from tenderness to anger," he says.
Stoehr's worldwide travels in his previous career as president of National Georgraphic Maps and his continuing work with youth as a volunteer and director of mountaineering groups have exposed him to human suffering, violence and healing. "These elements influence me and create a need to express how I feel," he says. "I've developed more confidence about leaving an unpainted space. I want viewers to ask questions–if I put in all the answers, there'd be no questions."
To preview the show, go to www.GalleryStThomas.com . The exhibit is open to the public and all works are available for sale.


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