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Grand Opening of Mango Tango Features Many Artists


March 13, 2008 – Mango Tango Seaside Art Gallery at Yacht Haven Grande invites the public to its official grand opening. The champagne reception will be held from 5:30-8:30 p.m., on Friday, March 14, (The gallery is located in the building that houses the coffee shop). Meet the artists and be entertained by 2 Blue Shoes, John Brittain on guitar and Smokey Pratt on flute and harmonica. The following artists will be represented:
Kristen Maize grew up on St. John and currently works with Friends of the Park. Her small grouping of images of nautical life is her first exhibit with the gallery. Jan Mitchell of St. Croix was the first potter to exhibit at Mango Tango 18 years ago. She creates vibrant glass masks, which are about 12 inches in diameter. She and her husband, Steffen Larsen, own and operate the Mitchell-Larsen Studio in Christiansted, which showcases her fused glass creations and his photography. Steffen shoots limited edition photos in large format of the Caribbean's colonial buildings for Mango Tango.
Mercedese Bantz is from California and is a frequent visitor to St. John, where she often teaches art classes.
Smokey Pratt is the co-owner of the gallery and a musician in the band 2 Blue Shoes. Bantz and Pratt believe that both life and art can be fun and funny.
Kathy Carlson, whose painting of a scratch band was featured on the cover of the 2008 telephone directory, works in oil on canvas in paintings that exalt Virgin Island culture. She works in mixed media, examining color, form textures, and patterns in works of wild abandonment.
Don Dahlke offers his signature style of paintings of Caribbean buildings in prints on canvas, with a sneak peak at one of his originals, which will be in his solo show in two weeks.
Caroline Duprey of St. Croix portrays island life in small energetic primitive oil-on-canvas works.
Stateside artist Shari Erickson has been painting beaches and people of the Caribbean for two decades. Her exuberant approach to color and composition continues to gain her collectors from around the world.
Derrick Grant is the gallery's distinctive digital artist, who combines life experiences and computer finesse. His works pay homage to the masters of Surrealism.
Mother, Mandy Thody and daughter Merryn McDonald sculpt and fire bas-relief wall hangings and three-dimensional figurative ceramics.
Brian Murphy has mastered painting on location.
Mel McCuddin examines the frailty of the human condition, with a potent style that transcends time and place.
Lucinda Schutt-O'Connell, who has gained recognition both as a representational watercolorist and teacher of watercolor, displays her newfound direction: abstraction. The resident artist at the Ritz Carlton explores color and form on canvas and paper.
Photographer Al Sayegh, who lives in New York and St. Thomas, displays his photos of the world's most recognized musical icons at work.
Photographer Ed Sternberg often chooses reflections for his subjects.
Patty Tacquard of St. John has exhibited with Kristen Maize in the Michael Banzhaf Gallery. Tacquard painted one large oil-on-canvas work titled "36 Palms." It conveys the essence of a palm-lined beach in bold light and shadow.
Holland Van Gores excels in the turning of indigenous woods. He accentuates patterns and texture while redefining function, decoration and sculptural form.
W. B. Thompson communicates raw energy in colorful mixed media works on canvas of allegorical themes, including both a canvas and an assemblage of the crucifix. He presents two-sided paintings on hardboard of landscapes and figurative compositions.
Dana Wylder was the first artist to show at the gallery 18 years ago and has continued to exhibit with the gallery during all those years. Her subjects are often the islands' beaches and historical buildings, which she captures in both watercolor and oil paintings.
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