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Caribbean Museum, A Wonderful Thing


Dear Source:
I never thought that Frederiksted would have such a thing! As I grew up in Frederiksted, I remembered the library as the only place where I went to read and dreamt about what I wanted to become. There was not a lot of emphasis placed on art and so my image of art is still very "kindergardenish".
As an older person, I've exposed myself to art all over the City of Atlanta and any place I go. I love art! I love photography! In my home, I was introduced to it as a child and when I had my own children, I introduced them to other art forms…dance, writing, drawing, arts and crafts, sewing, etc.
Our greatest artwork was in the costumes that I saw and wore at the Christmas Festival. Art was only drawing pictures at school, later most artists were individuals who sold their work on the streets. Perhaps some of those artists are not around today but I see that there is a future for those to come…that's a good thing!
Hopefully, on my next trip to Frederiksted, I can visit and appreciate the work of those involved in the grand scheme of things. From my knowledge of history, it was the artists who in many cultures shaped the politics and basically the way of life of a people. As a matter of fact, whenever there was war, the artists, and the intellectual community were the first ones to experience death or exile at the hands of those who wanted to rule.
I appreciate that this museum will be a part of the evolving Frederiksted scene for all to enjoy…locals as well as tourists.

Louella Smith-Rabsatt
Stone Mountain, Georgia

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