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India Association Donates to Kimelman


April 2, 2008 – Officers of the India Association of the Virgin Islands have presented another donation of $25,000 to the Charlotte Kimelman Cancer Institute, which is consistent with the pledge made at the "Gala For Cure" fundraiser last November. The president of the association, Mulchand Alwani, was joined by Treasurer Ashok Lalwani and Secretary Navin Sakharani, in presenting the check to Amos W. Carty Jr., president and CEO of Schneider Regional Medical Center and June Adams, who chairs the District Governing Board. At the fundraiser last fall, Alwani pledged a total of $100,000. on behalf of the India Association, which will be donated over a four-year period.
At a brief presentation at CKCI March 31, Carty expressed his appreciation for the association's steady support of healthcare and other community causes over the years. Adams said she is happy that Alwani now serves as a member of the District Governing Board and that she was most supportive of his nomination. Edward Aribisala, the incoming vice president for oncology services and administrator of the CKCI, communicated his appreciation from Vermont and promised that the donation will be put to good use.
Alwani said that he believes there are many others in the community who can afford to support health care in a material way, and he challenged them to match the association's actions. "We're not saying that everyone can give the same amount," he stressed, "but everyone can match the spirit of support by giving what they can afford."
The members of the India Association of the V.I. appreciate having state-of-the-art cancer treatment and other oncology services available and convenient, he said, and will continue to support them along with education and other valuable community institutions.
For information, contact Sam Topp at 776-8311, ext. 2315.


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