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Boy Dem Crush Fredensborg Hoyas in Hood Hoops Opener


One basket had no net and the rim was well above regulations. One half of the basketball court was lighted, while the lights on the other end, according to residents, have been out for quite some time. This would come into play midway through the third quarter as the basket at the southern end had to be played in very poor light with onlookers unable to see players’ faces during play.

This was the backdrop to the start of Rashidi Clenance’s second annual Caribbean Education Initive Hood Hoops. Yes, the playing condition of the court could have been better, but that did not dampen the spirits of the kids. And whether it bothered Clenance or not, it did not show as, in his own words, his main concern was simply about “bringing some positive energy to the community.”

That is exactly what he did as the residents of the Fredensborg housing community turned out to cheer on their Fredensborg Hoyas against the visiting Harrigan Boys Dem. Unfortunately for the home crowd, their team was going up against one of the league’s best and, like a well-oiled machine, the smooth, talented Boys Dem squad destroyed their hosts to the tune of 77-19. Fans’ loyalty, however, never waned as they cheered their team to the very end of the lopsided loss.

Fredensborg never stood a chance as Boys Dem opened the contest on a 20-2 run in the first period. Things would only get worse from there. After a 23-7 second quarter, Boys Dem had a 43-9 lead at the half. Javier Martinez and Elton Eugene netted 17 and 16 points in the first half for Boys Dem.

Boys Dem called off the dogs in the second half but they still managed to outscore the Fredensborg boy’s 34-10 for a final score of 77-19.

Martinez led Boys Dem with a game high-19 points. Three other teammates also got into double figures: Eugene finished with 16 points, Amadeus Derweer netted 1, and Dequan Bondiamitre dropped in 10. For the Hoyas, Jaedap Edwards finished with nine.

Hopefully Housing Parks and Recreation or whoever is responsible for the basketball court at Fredensborg housing community will get out there fix the lights and add a net to the rim. The kids deserve better.


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