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SevenMinusSeven Presents Movies 4 Life


Movies 4 Life at Seven Minus Seven will hold its monthly Eckhart Tolle DVD Workshop at 7 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 3, at the Art Warehouse behind old Health Food Store, Sub Base. Part 1 of “Death Dying: The Greatest Portal” will begin the series. Through the centuries, countless people from around the world have been coming to India in their search for truth. Considered to be the birthplace of spirituality, India has produced more great mystics and spiritual teachers than any other country.

Eckhart speaks with humble authenticity, wisdom and humor on a wide range of subjects. There will be 12 monthly showings on the first Thursday of each month, and lessons will include: children and spirituality, conscious suffering, self-esteem, couple partnerships, falling in love, addiction, guilt, forgiveness, prayer, death and dying, loneliness and devotion.
For more information, contact Jennie Alvarez at 643-7758 or e-mail at: [email protected]
The Web site for Seven Minus Seven is www.sevenminusseven.com


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