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Idle Wishes for 2010


Idle the Iguana hopes his wishes become reality in 2010.After starting out 2009 feeling pretty groovy about the future, Idle the Iguana fell right out of his perch high in the sea grape tree —- “knocked down to da ground,” as he put it, by some major bummers of the year.
As he climbs back up for a better view, Idle hopes to rise above what got him down before and has set his sights on some better things to come in 2010.

Idle wishes:

for a quieter place to live, sans zip-line, among the trees and other creatures at Magens Bay;

for more jobs for idle young men (for lizards, idle is okay!);

for more respect for the environment —- air, land and sea;

for a fresh paint job and fresh pride in St. Croix’s historic towns;

for a security team for Adlah "Foncie" Donastorg (with or without fencing);

for the long-promised planner to finally arrive on St. John;

for Stefan Larsen to install wind turbines in everyone’s yards;

for more prosecutions of animal cruelty … and of people cruelty, too;

for permission to sun himself on Legislature Beach with Lolo;

for more excitement and less incitement about our multi-cultural community;

for instant karma;

for human beings to stop trashing paradise;

for a meaningful recycling program;

for a hotel to break ground on St. Croix;

for an end to the bloodshed;

for enforcement of animal and child cruelty laws and more prosecutions of both;

for swift, cosmic justice for whomever poisoned five Frenchtown pelicans;

for public officials who do the people’s business and are not for sale;

for more drivers who recognize the red octagonal signs are not "stoptionals," and who slow down for Iguanas crossing the road;

for kids to be able to go to public schools and not worry about gangs or random violence;

for a solution to the parking fiasco that is Cruz Bay;

for men who call themselves men, to act like it;

for women to demand that they do (no more fatherless pregnancies, domestic and other violence, bullying and false bravado);

for someone to harness all the political hot air for energy this election year;

for tourists who will stay here a while and enjoy the people as they do the land and sea;

for more long-term beds and care for V.I. seniors in need;

for more love and less noise;

for hurricanes to pass safely far away;

for fewer rumors on the radio, and the streets;

for a constitutional V.I. Constitution that we can all be proud of at day’s end;

for an end to anyone saying “those people,” “you people,” “us” or “them”;

and for heaps of healthy hibiscus and a nice-looking lady lizard to ring in the New Year.

As he reaches the top fronds and the sunshine, Idle says he can see it all right now. Can you?


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