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Health Implementing New Standardized Vaccine Fees


The Department of Health will kick off an education campaign this month on the implementation of new fees for its Immunization Program clinics territory-wide. The new fees, which will take effect April 1, are part of a move to standardize vaccine administration and exemption fees, according to Health Commissioner Julia Sheen.
Under the new rate structure, an administrative fee of $15 would be charged to clients for a vaccine or for the issuance of a vaccine exemption. Families requiring vaccines or requesting exemption services for more than one child during a visit to the clinic will be able to realize a savings, as the cost to each additional child would be just $5.
Immunization exemptions are granted to clients who for religious or other reasons do not wish to be vaccinated and need an exemption notice to enable children, for example, to be able to register at local schools by law.
“We are pleased to bring this equity in service charges to all of our clients, including those seeking exemptions and at a discounted rate for large families,” Sheen said.
The education campaign, scheduled to begin next week, will run through March via broadcast and print media as well as the department’s Web site www.healthvi.org.
The full rate schedule is as follows:
  • Adults – $15
  • One child – $15
  • More than one child (in the same immediate family) receiving services during the same visit – $15 for the first child and $5 for each additional child.
  • Immunization exemption issuance – $15 for request for exemption of one child and $5 for each additional exemption requested during same visit.
For more information concerning immunization services, contact the Immunization Clinic at 773-1311 ext. 3254 on St. Croix; 776-6400 on St. John or 774-7477 ext. 2150 on St. Thomas.


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