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Results Given for Valentine’s Day Women's Time Trial

Ten women and many supportive men showed up for Sunday morning’s Valentine’s Day Women’s Time Trial on Feb. 13. Although it was pouring rain earlier in the morning, by the start of the bicycle race, it had turned into a beautiful, cool, sunny day with mainly dry roads. The race went from the Divi to Kaleidoscope, about six miles to the west.
Sue Brown was thrilled with her winning trip, a personal best for the course (12:58.34) with an average speed of 28.61 mph. Second place was Theresa Harper (15:22.78 averaging 23.65 mph); third place was Laverne Fredericksen (15:44.00 averaging 23.31 mph).
House of Iron did a great job hosting the race, presenting the 10 finishers with unique heart-shaped trophies, a small bottle of Martinelli’s cider and candy bars. Continuing the tradition set by Cruzan Confusion, there was an abundance of mimosas, chocolates and other goodies.
The next race is the La Grange Circuit Race February 20th in Frederiksted. Start and finish is at the Fort. More details and a map of the race will be forthcoming this week.
1. 12:58.34 Sue Brown (avg. speed 28.61 mph)
2. 15:22.78 Theresa Harper (23.65 mph)
3. 15:44.00 Laverne Fredericksen (23.31 mph)
4. 15:49.42 Melissa Banuelos (23.24 mph)
5. 16:05.06 Julie Sommer (22.42 mph)
6. 16.12.39 Kathy LaGrange (22.33 mph)
7. 17:14.68 Dulcie Crowther (21.00 mph)
8. 18:33.94 Judy Gario (19.63 mph)
9. 20:06.86 Kelly Simon (17.94 mph)
10. 22:47.50 Janet Jeanpierre (turtle speed)


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