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Wastewater Treatment System Design Training for Architects and Engineers Offered

A Conventional Onsite Wastewater System Design Training Program for the Virgin Islands will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday, March 8-10, at Small Business Development Center, Nisky Center, St. Thomas. It is part of a five-year training program developed specifically for the Virgin Islands by experts from the Univ. of Rhode Island New England The training will be conducted by the University of Rhode Island Onsite Wastewater Treatment Demonstration Center (OWTC), and led by OWTC Director George Loomis and Program Manager David Kalen. It is co-sponsored by the University of the Virgin Islands Cooperative Extension Service (UVI-CES), V.I. Department of Planning and Natural Resources Division of Environmental Protection (DPNR-DES) and the V.I. Waste Management Authority (VIWMA).
During the training, onsite wastewater treatment specialists will demonstrate how to design and develop site plans for conventional septic systems and their components (building sewers, septic tanks and appurtenances, D-boxes and drainfield options) during a three-day class. Instruction in system failure analysis also will be offered. The trainers will teach and reinforce basic septic system facts, raise knowledge levels, and teach septic system design skills.
The class will be divided into working groups of 3 to 4 attendees. Each group should have: an engineer’s scale (1" = 20′, 1" = 30′, 1" = 40′; at least) — architectural scales will not work (3/4, 1/16, etc.); 1or 2 drafting triangles, 1 straight edge, 1 compass, pencil, eraser, drafting paper (regular bond, 11×17) and a regular calculator.
One week after the training class, there will be an exam. The date will be selected based on input from the registrants. Attendees receiving a grade of 70 or above pass the class and will receive a certificate from the VI DPNR Division of Environmental Protection. Registration fee is $50. Contact Kofi Boateng 692-4066 [email protected] on St. Croix or Orpha Penn 693-1080 [email protected] on St. Thomas or Carmen Wesselhoft-Hedrington 776-6492 [email protected] on St. John.
For more information or to discuss the possibility of offering Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) through a professional association (i.e., A.I.A.) to architects or engineers who attend the training classes and pass the final exam, contactToni Thomas at 693-1084 [email protected] or Dale Morton at 693-1086 [email protected]


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