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Crime Stoppers Special Edition: Burglary Epidemic


Crime Stoppers is asking your help to identify and arrest the individuals who are burglarizing homes throughout the territory. Most of these burglaries are occurring during the day while the residents are out.

Areas being burglarized on St. Croix are Estate Barren Spot, Strawberry Hill, Estate Smithfield and Mt. Pleasant West.

On St. Thomas, there have been at least 10 burglaries on the North Side with the burglars possibly using a small black car to get away.

On St. John, the major locations are Gifft Hill, Glucksburg, Chocolate Hole and Estate Carolina. Most burglaries are solved because somebody saw something and told law enforcement what they needed to know.

Work with your neighbors to stay informed about crime issues in your neighborhood, and if you see something suspicious, says something. The minimum reward for the arrest of a burglary suspect is $714.

Items being stolen include laptop computers, big screen TVs, jewelry, and cash. Most of these items are being resold. Please note that the sale or purchase of stolen property is a crime.

If you are approached with a so-called “bargain,” don’t buy it. Realize that the item was probably stolen, possibly from the home of a neighbor, a friend, or even a relative of yours.

Be part of the solution by reporting the details about the property and the person who offered it to you. Help put an end to these burglaries by telling us what you know about the sale of stolen property.

Let’s continue to help make our community a safer place to live by submitting information on these or any other crimes at www.CrimeStoppersUSVI.org or by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Your tips are completely anonymous, and the stateside operators are multilingual. If your tip leads to an arrest or the recovery of stolen property, illegal drugs, or weapons, you will receive a cash reward to be paid according to your instructions.

Only anonymous callers to Crime Stoppers are eligible for these cash rewards.

For tips on reducing the risk of your home being burglarized, please visit our website at www.CrimeStoppersUSVI.org.


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