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Hovensa, Steelworkers Sign Three-Year Contract


Hovensa and the United Steelworkers (USW) Local 8526 have executed a three-year agreement on working conditions, benefits and wages, for roughly 570 operations and maintenance employees represented by the union, according to Hovensa Vice President for Human Resources John Boulanger.

The union ratified the new agreement Feb. 24, and it replaces one that expired Monday at midnight, Boulanger said in a statement.

The agreement provides for wage increases in the last year of the agreement. Wages for helpers will increase from the current $22.51 to $23.30 per hour in the third year of the agreement.

Hourly wages for DCS Operator, the highest-paid classification covered by the agreement, will increase from $30.38 to $31.44.

“The rate increases will maintain Hovensa as the employer with the highest industrial wage rates in the Virgin Islands,” Boulanger said.

The new agreement will protect all current members of the bargaining unit from layoffs during the first two years of the contract, according to Boulanger.


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