Home Community Organizations St. Thomas Historical Trust Column, March 8

St. Thomas Historical Trust Column, March 8

St. Thomas Historical Trust Column, March 8

Intern Sarah Dylla, board member Charles Consolvo, NPS Director Jon Jarvis, VINPS Superintendant Mark Hardgrove and STHT President Ronnie Lockhart
CAHS Advanced Placement Studio Art Program has taken on a historical theme. Susan Edwards’ class is going to paint,draw, sculpt and photograph our historic sites for a show to be held in mid-May. This is exciting as it draws attention to what is important about these sites and why they should be saved and restored. Watch for details in coming weeks.
On Wednesday, July 3, the trust was honored to host Jonathan Jarvis, director of the National Park Service from Washington, D.C., together with Mark Hardgrove, superintendent of the Virgin Islands National Park, and some of his staff. The group started at the office and museum of the St. Thomas Historical Trust by Roosevelt Park, which included a presentation of the Hassel Island DVD. This was followed by lunch in Frenchtown at the Hook, Line and Sinker as well as a tour of Creque Marine Railway and around Hassel Island, with boat service graciously provided by Alan Wentworth of Sea Tow. Jarvis expressed his appreciation, and surprise at discovering this little known treasure trove of history that was a part of the park system under his stewardship.
Did you know?… Fort Christian use to have a stone structure like Blackbeard’s Castle, but it was taken down and replaced with the clock tower you see now by one of the King Christians and given to the people of the Virgin Islands
Upcoming eventsSunday April 10 – Lecture with Betsy Rezende and Anne Walbom on social and economic conditions of St. Croix and St. Thomas-St. John by looking closely on the kinds of occupations in the islands.
Thursday May 26 — Chamber After Hours hosted by the trust, featuring local food, entertainment, prizes and souvenirs.
Over this past weekend, Charles Consolvo lead 25 Rotarians on a guided tour of Hassel Island’s Creque Slipway, and as a thank you, the Rotarians from Sunrise and East clubs plus two Interacters from VI Montessori Academy did a clean-up and hauled off 30 bags of trash.
Our mission is to identify, protect, and preserve the historical identity, structures, sites, and cultural heritage of St. Thomas through education, advocacy and promotion.
Debbie Avery, executive director of St Thomas Historical Trust, [email protected] www.stthomashistoricaltrust.org. 774-5541. Join us!


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