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V.I. Answer Desk: Info About St. Croix Energy Production


Source Reader Ian Huber, an undergraduate student at Sea Education Association who is currently conducting research on the impacts of energy production on St. Croix, asks for articles, contacts or resources about this "complicated issue." Huber is especially looking for information about Hovensa and the V.I. Water and Power Authority.

The V.I. Source’s own archives have a trove of articles relating to energy production, pollution, the territory’s reliance on petroleum, environmental incidents at Hovensa and WAPA’s environmental releases. One good first step would be to go to the St. Croix Source’s search engine and look around.

Recent articles that may be of interest covered:
–recent major EPA actions affecting Hovensa
–a series of oil sprays at Hovensa;
–plans to burn municipal trash to generate a portion of St. Croix’s power needs; and
–Legislative debate over the merits of using trash or petroleum coke as a fuel for power generation.

Also, the St. Croix Environmental Association (SEA) has done extensive research on these topics. Contact information for SEA and information on its activities can be found at its website.

The V.I. Department of Planning and Natural Resource’s Division of Environmental Enforcement may also be able to help. Their contact information is available here.


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