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Two Charged in Peterborg Burglary


St. Thomas police on Wednesday arrested 37-year-old Robster Richard of Hospital Ground and 24-year-old Juan Gonzalez of Murphy Gade, and charged them in connection with the burglary of a Peterborg home.

According to a news release from the V.I. Police Department, the two were charged with two counts of third-degree burglary and two counts of possession of stolen property.

This investigation was initiated by a call from a concerned citizen who observed “suspicious activity” while traversing the main Peterborg road that same day. Several burglaries have occurred in the Peterborg area over the past months so the witness immediately notified a second person of the suspicious vehicle and occupants. The second person in turn notified Police Chief Rodney F. Querrard Sr.

Querrard notified the officers who were assigned to that area and had them conduct an inspection for the vehicle. The vehicle was found traveling south on the Magens Bay Road, away from the area. The occupants, upon spotting the police officers initiating a stop, opened their doors while the vehicle was still moving.

The officers stopped the car and saw items, including computers, in pillow cases in the vehicle. Both individuals denied ownership of the items in the car. They were detained for investigatory purposes and were transported back to the Criminal Investigations Bureau. Both of the men waived their rights and gave statements to investigators, according to the department.

Owners of a residence in the area reported that their home had been burglarized and positively identified the items police had found in the suspects’ car.


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