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Motorcyclist Injured in Accident


Officers from St. Croix’s Traffic Investigation Bureau are investigating an accident that injured a motorcyclist at about 9:30 p.m. on Sunday in Estate Work and Rest.

According to the V.I. Police Department, the motorcycle driver was driving behind a pickup truck heading east. The accident occurred when the truck tried to make a right turn into a residence at the same time that the motorcycle driver attempted to overtake and pass the pickup.

Traffic police said the motorcyclist attempted to pass on clearly marked solid double lines and struck the pickup, causing the truck to flip on its side. Police said the motorcyclist was traveling faster than 70 mph in a 20-mph zone.

The pickup driver sustained minor cuts and scratches, while the motorcyclist was admitted to Juan F. Luis Memorial Hospital, where medical staff treated him for a broken leg and other injuries.


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