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VIDOA Partners With Taste of St. Croix to Promote Virgin Fresh Marketing Campaign


The Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture (VIDOA) will be participating in the annual “A Taste of St. Croix”event for the fourth consecutive year. The goal of the VIDOA’s participation is to create and strengthen linkages between local producers and chefs through the VIDOA marketing division and its Virgin Fresh Marketing Campaign, which is designed to promote the production, sale and consumption of local agricultural products, according to a press release issued April 13 by VIDOA.
This year, A Taste of St. Croix Inc. has donated $3,000 to the DOA to promote the campaign in a launch of the first series of Virgin Fresh coupons. Through this initiative, $50 worth of coupons have been issued to 55 restaurants participating in “A Taste of St. Croix” to purchase produce and meats from local farmers to prepare tasty dishes that will be featured at this year’s Taste of St. Croix event on Thursday, April 14. Dishes featured this year by the VIDOA will be prepared by Anton Doos and his cadre of young chefs at CTEC Catering, which will include treats such as sorrel smoked chicken and sweet potato gnocchi with basil cream sauce. In addition, delicious breadfruit macaroons and a fresh green salad will be served.
Commissioner of Agriculture Louis E. Petersen Jr. noted that “this partnership serves to advance the mission of the VIDOA by forging viable linkages between producers, restaurant owners and chefs by encouraging increased local food production, marketing and economic growth in the territory. It is our hope that these relationships would be sustained year-round.”


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