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Governor Congratulates Aunt Sula on 109th Birthday


Governor John P. de Jongh Jr. on Friday wrote a letter to Ursula N. Krigger congratulating the former schoolteacher on her 109th birthday. Krigger, a beloved matriarch, is affectionately known as Aunt Sula.
“Your long, rich and full life is truly a blessing from God, as it is a blessing to your family and loved ones; you have truly borne witness to monumental events in Virgin Islands history, including the original Transfer Day of 1917,” the governor wrote Krigger.
Aunt Sula was born when Theodore Roosevelt was in the White House; the Wright Brothers were still preparing for their first flight; and the Virgin Islands were still part of Denmark. She was already 15 years old when she became an American on the original Transfer Day.
She overcame great challenges early in her life, including a serious bout with typhoid fever. Through help from her parents, neighbors and doctor, she beat the disease and went on to become a beloved schoolteacher. Since her retirement, Aunt Sula has dedicated her life to being a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, and she is a well-respected member of the community. Her joyfulness and warm spirit are powerful reminders of the importance of maintaining a positive attitude in life.
Governor and first lady deJongh congratulate Ursula N. Krigger for reaching a great milestone and wish her many more happy birthdays to come.


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