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Country Day First Graders Perform a 'Classic'


Country Day School first-grade students perform 'The Three Nanny Goats Gruff' Friday.St. Croix Country Day School first graders put on a musical version of "The Three Nanny Goats Gruff" Friday morning. Students from Sheila Deevy’s and Sarah Otis’ first grade classes acted out an operatic variation on the old, classic children’s tale, chanting narration, singing solos and choruses, and strutting about the limelight.

Brice Richards stole the show as the villainous troll under the bridge, singing several solos and spending the most time at the front of the stage. And the entire cast performed the 20-minute show with hardly a glitch or pause, showing unusual dedication and discipline for such a young cast.

Students performing in the play were: Brice Richards; Zavira Wilson; Steven Hardee; Zorah Williams; DeVinte Duinkerk; Arianna Longenberger; Croix Rivers; Shana Sargeant; Michael Malone; Sydney Cornwall; Hakeem Hamed; Cehara Briscoe; Liam Sohlberg; Ava Patalidis; Imani Persaud; Jayda Blair; Carson Oakley; Nathalia Samayoa; Frances Falcon; Megan Potter; Aidan Dasher, Mikey Bumann; Chris Hasson; Amirah Yusuf; Noah Bodzioch; Madeline Cohen; Antony Irizarry; Ryan McCann and Liam Sohlberg.


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