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Politically Appointed Paper Pushers Must Go


Dear Source:
Because, I have taken a stance on the "Soap Box," in favor of the Delegate’s candidacy, and justifiably so, since I as a United States citizen domicile here in the Virgin Islands have lost the right to vote for the President of the United States, I am compelled to voice my opinion and choice to whom will hold our highest office here as Governor.
I am a registered Democrat, who votes independently for those I feel will best serve, for the betterment of, all Virgin Islands’ residents here and abroad.
A big concern that has been expressed, if the Democrats, referring to the Delegate, were to take office that things would remain the same with the same cast of characters responsible for the state of conditions here. If that were the case, I too would be very disappointed and discouraged.
Whomever becomes our next Governor, we all would hope that their intentions are not to just take office and dismantled everything without making a Holistic assessment by departments and contracts.
If you have proven yourself to be competent and diligent in your service to the government, then I feel you should feel secure in your job, but those Political Appointed Paper Pushers must go.
How is that government contractors carry no liability to their failed advisory reports and services?
A stop payment and reimbursement procedures should be filed against these individuals, at opening of business for the new Administration.
Ivan Butcher II, St. Croix


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