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Is He a Republican in Disguise?


Dear Source:
The Delegate’s opponent seems to have taken his campaign right out of the GOP handbook.
Is the Delegates opponent a Republican in Disguise running as an Independent?
Two assumptions: one, everyone knows that a Republican will have a daunting task to be elected as Governor, next an Independent representative in US Politics is a pawn for either Party.
Now that the House and the Senate are both under GOP control is this an indication to which side, if elected, our Governor will lean?
When I read blogs and listen to responses and commercials, President Obama in the Media is viewed as done absolutely nothing to the betterment of the citizens of the United States, and has been the worst President to serve the Nation. This is exactly how our Virgin Islands Delegate to the United States Congresses is being portrayed all over the Media.
In both President Obama and our Delegate to Congress cases, the Record speaks louder than Melee.
Ivan Butcher II, St. Croix


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