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Attorney Douglas Sprotte Responds

I have spent the totality of my twenty seven year career representing the efforts of law enforcement, assisting with the development of cases, answering their questions during midnight calls and ultimately presenting their cases to the jury. I had hoped to continue to do so until my retirement twelve years from now. I mean no disrespect to the Governor and his staff, and I applaud their efforts to re-energize the Department of Justice. Judge Diase-Coffelt began this process when she arrived at the Department by inviting all of us to apply for supervisory positions by drafting proposals for positive change. I drafted such a proposal and applied for Attorney Gumbs-Carty’s position. [Sprotte Application]

I was never offered an opportunity to represent Paternity and Child Support in the manner described by Ms. Jones. Rather, I was sat down and immediately instructed to turn in my badge and keys, and to report first thing in the morning to Paternity. I was offered no further information or explanation. I have experienced lateral transfers several times over the years, and they have never required the surrender of a badge. That occurs when one is dismissed. I was escorted to my office by an investigator and an administrative supervisor, and guarded as I drafted my letter and turned in my credentials. The investigator informed me that he was ordered to assist me to pack my things immediately, and to deliver them to Paternity. Both men were consummate professionals that I have known for many years, and my leaving them was cordial. Again, this is not the practice in lateral transfers. Had I been provided the “transfer” in the manner described by Ms. Jones, we would not all be in the situation we find ourselves today.

I also want to clarify I personally had no role in an unsigned letter sent to the media airing concerns about the department. I was made aware early on that the support staff intended to write a letter to Attorney General Coffelt about their experiences working under Attorney Renee Gumbs-Carty. I never saw the letter and I don’t know if it was ever actually delivered to the acting attorney general. I did not participate in any way in its drafting or distribution and I can only assume the letter addressed to Lee Carle is based upon the former letter. I did not draft the letter to Lee Carle, nor did I send it.

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I continue to hope to once again represent law enforcement in some fashion, and I wish the best to Governor Mapp and his team in their efforts to re-energize the Department of Justice in a fair and equitable manner.

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  1. alana Reply

    Attorney Sprotte is a class act.
    In no way would many be as gracious as he is in his letter.

    That is no way to treat someone who has worked 27 years in a difficult position in the DOJ.

    Our new governor should take a lesson in learning some grace with how he treats others. So far what we are seeing in his actions are overbearing, controlling, dismissive and a complete lack of regard.

  2. Chilliwest Reply

    The dichotomy. On the one hand, I feel that the new governor is too rigid in his response to these attorneys who have resigned. These are our people who have invested many years working for the betterment of these islands. On the other hand, the DOJ has been too lenient with many of these criminals. I think that the best way to resolve this is for the governor to allow the Attorney General to call the shots in his/her department. New ideas and a new approach should never be discounted; and especially by a governor who never attended law school. WE DO NOT WANT A MICRO-MANAGING GOVERNOR…There are too many critical issues facing the VI and we need a governor who will prioritize his efforts in resolving these…FIRST! Mapp, old boy, we need you stepping up to bat; and encouraging outside investment, for example. Get off your high horse and get to work on the ground level.

    The other side of my proposed compromise would be for the DOJ to start getting tougher on these criminals. Slap-on-the-wrist plea deals must be reduced; and even for the criminal family member of a police official. Favoritism and nepotism need to be eradicated. The DOJ needs to hit home this message in a very exacting way.

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