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Fort Christianvaern Gets Major Repairs to Second Floor


Christiansted National Historic Site has started major renovations during the week of Jan. 20th on the second floor gallery of Fort Christiansvaern. The repairs include the complete documentation and replacement of the exterior second floor gallery, and improvement of the internal French drain system. This program is being supervised by the National Park Service-Harper’s Ferry Preservation Training Center, and it is paid for through discretionary emergency funds from the National Park Service (NPS).
For the safety of the visitors, the second floor gallery will remain closed until the repairs are completed in March 2015. The preservation team will be working for six weeks from Monday through Friday. A safety tunnel has been erected within the fort’s main entrance, sally port, to provide access to the interior of the fort and the ramparts. There may be times of temporary closure to facilitate this project and the movement of materials. (www.nps.gov/CHRI)


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