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Good Hope Country Day Wins St. Croix MATHCOUNTS Competition

Good Hope Country Day Wins St. Croix MATHCOUNTS Competition
Students during MATHCOUNTS Competition
MATHCOUNTS St. Croix winner is Good Hope Country Day School team (L-R) Michael Atwell, Anil-Prasad, teacher Amanda Beach, Lucaformo D’ adamo and Che Guerra

The Virgin Islands Department of Education, St. Croix District held its annual District MATHCOUNTS competition on Thursday, Feb. 14, at the UVI Great Hall on St. Croix. Four Good Hope Country Day School students displayed their strong mathematical abilities, allowing the school to remain the district champions following its 2017 win.

Church of God Holiness Academy and the John H. Woodson Junior High School placed second and third, respectively.

The then-Acting Insular Superintendent Maria Encarnacion shared welcoming remarks before the competition began.

The MATHCOUNTS competition began with a 40-minute Sprint Round that consisted of 30 problems students responded to without the use of a calculator. The Target Round followed with competitors using their mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills to answer problems with permission to use their calculators.

The look of urgency dawned across students faces as they hustled to finish their math problems after moderator Williams said, “You have three minutes left to finish.”

The last official round, the Team Round, had the mathletes work within their teams to answer ten questions with the help of a calculator.

Each segment was followed by a ten-minute break.

MATHCOUNTS winning team is from Good Hope Country Day School

Students were provided lunch prior to the highlight of competition, the unofficial Countdown Round. During the Countdown, the top eight mathletes (based on scores in the Sprint and Target Rounds) battled head-to-head in a test of the speed and accuracy of their ‘mental math.’ This round determined the competition winner and advancement to the state competition.

Che Guerra of Good Hope Country Day School won the Countdown Round against his classmate and 2019 St. Croix District Intermediate Spelling Bee Winner Michael Atwell.

Ranked by most points, the top 10 mathletes are:
1. Che Guerra, Good Hope Country Day
2. Tiara Stevens, Church of God of Holiness
3. Michael Atwell, Good Hope Country Day
4. Anil Prasad, Good Hope Country Day
5. Lucaformo D’adamo, Good Hope Country Day
6. Jaden Gonzalez, Church of God of Holiness
7. Samir Boucenna, Church of God of Holiness
8. Zanyjah Rodriguez, Church of God of Holiness
9. Jose Nunez, Church of God of Holiness
10. Marcus Miller, John H. Woodson.

1. Good Hope Country Day
2. Church of God of Holiness Academy
3. John H. Woodson Jr. High School

The Top 10 students from the district will compete against the Top 10 in the St. Thomas-St. John District on Thursday, March 21, at the State MATHCOUNTS Competition on St. Croix.

Students during MATHCOUNTS Competition

Following the state competition, four winners will be selected to represent the territory at the 2019 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Championship, slated for May 11-14 in Orlando, Fla.

Local sponsors of the 2019 MATHCOUNTS competition include the Department of Education, St. Croix Mid-Isle Rotary Club and the University of the Virgin Islands.

MATHCOUNTS is a national program designed to improve math skills among U.S. students. The program focuses on middle school students who are at a crucial stage in developing and sustaining math interest and ability. Students who do not begin developing strong problem-solving, logical thinking and analytical abilities in middle school will face an uphill battle later in life if they wish to pursue a medical, scientific, mathematical, engineering or technical career.


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