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Don Cheadle Collaborates With Suki on ‘The Big Cigar’ Movie

Don Cheadle Collaborates With Suki on ‘The Big Cigar’ Movie
“The Big Cigar” workforce group on Buccaneer Road (photo by Misty Winter CBF 2023)

Hollywood’s Don Cheadle and famed L.A. cinematographer Suki Medencevic, A.S.C., have created Hollywood magic with their upcoming Apple TV+ Miniseries, “The Big Cigar.” Suki is also slated to collaborate with Johanna Bermúdez-Ruiz of Cane Bay Films as head instructor at the 2nd Annual Cane Bay Films LLC’s Film Industry Workforce Training and Economic Development Program ©™ (CBF-WTEDP), USVI.

Don Cheadle is the executive producer of “The Big Cigar.” (Submitted photo)

Cane Bay Films and the USVI community are excited and getting ready to see Suki’s cinematography work on Friday, May 17 (Apple TV+ Miniseries) “The Big Cigar.” This American biographical drama, thriller mini-series follows the life of the Black Panther Party’s founder and icon Huey P. Newton.

Suki Medencevic, A.S.C., is the cinematographer on the film. (Submitted photo)

“The Big Cigar” is executive produced by Academy-nominated actor Don Cheadle, known for “Hotel Rwanda,” and created by Showrunner, Janine Sherman Barrois, who worked on “ER”). Starring in the role of Huey P. Newton is Andre Holland of the Academy Award Winning film, “Moonlight,” Tiffany Boone of “The Chi.” and Tony Award-nominated actor Alessandro Antine Nivola.

Suki is an internationally recognized cinematographer and producer who has worked alongside Ryan Murphy on “American Horror Story” and Lady Gaga.  He won the Best Cinematography Award at the Valencia International Film Festival in Spain.  Suki said, “It is a great honor to work with all the talented producers, actors and crews to bring “The Big Cigar” to a worldwide audience. I am thrilled to see and share this untold story with everyone.”

An image of Huey Newton from “The Big Cigar” (Submitted photo)


Suki and an experienced team of Hollywood key crew instructors from Puerto Rico and Los Angeles significantly contributed to the U.S. Virgin Islands Cane Bay Films workforce film industry standard training program. Under the helms of Suki and Johanna, the CBF-WTEDP program successfully graduated 37 trainees, and they have won the praise of Gov. Albert Bryan Jr., the Department of Tourism, numerous government departments, small businesses and community members. They have also attracted attention from filmmakers and enthusiasts from the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Bermúdez-Ruiz said, “This year’s Fall film industry workforce training and economic development program will be exciting with Suki scheduled to return, and veteran Hollywood insiders and professionals from Puerto Rico, New York and Los Angeles. I am grateful to Suki sharing and collaborating with Cane Bay Films, apprentices and the wider community.  Equally, I am already celebrating and counting the days to watch “The Big Cigar” on Apple TV. Congratulations to everyone who worked nonstop on ‘The Big Cigar!’”

“The Big Cigar”
writer Johanna Bermudez Ruiz (Photo by SUKI)

Bermúdez-Ruiz is an award-winning film writer, producer and director. She is the Founder and principal of Cane Bay Films LLC.  Her award-winning films include “Sugar Pathways,” “Vieques: An Island Forging Futures,” “Forgotten in Paradise” and “Soléne.”  Cane Bay Films’ mission is to cultivate the diversity and inclusivity of human experience through meaningful training, education and the celebration of the art of film and television for a worldwide audience.

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