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This latest is the summer sort of scary series follows in the footsteps of Stigmata and Deep Blue Sea.
It doesn't have the depth of emotion or even plot to compete with Sixth Sense or the Blair Witch. However, this is what summer flicks are all about isn't it?
It certainly doesn't lack star quality. Johnny Depp leads the cast as the astronaut who went to space and returned a changed man, and Charlize Theron plays his befuddled wife. It seems that while in space, contact is lost with astronaut Spencer Armacost and NASA officials rush to Mrs. Armacost to inform her of the situation — there was some sort of explosion. But he returns home safely after all. Well, not quite. He is different.
He quits the space program and becomes a New York executive and everything should be just peachy, except there is that something about him. . . . My goodness, just what did happen in space?
The movie is written and directed by Rand Ravich, his first. It is rated R for violence, language and sexuality — (in space?).
It is now playing at Sunny Isle Theaters.


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