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At last!!! A happy, funny summer movie — and a space adventure at that. Yes, the Muppets try their hand at the extra-terrestial with some delightful results.
The Great Gonzo needs to find his real parents and, along with pal Rizzo the Rat, sets out on a quest where he discovers that he is from a distant planet. He is an alien. Armed with this knowledge, he announces to the whole world on Miss Piggy's talk show, "UFOMania," that "we are not alone," and goes on to describe his interplanetary ancestry.
No sooner does he do this, than he is captured by a paranoid government operative, K. Edgar Singer, a really bad piece of work. So he has to not only escape the Singer compound, but has to decided whether to board the mother ship to his true family out there somewhere, or remain with his good friends here on earth. Kermit the Frog is on board along with several other colleagues and the Electric Mayhem Band. Cameos pop up with everyone from F. Murray Abraham to Andie MacDowell.
The Columbia Pictures release is directed by Tim Hill, in his feature-length film debut.
It is now playing at Sunny Isle Theaters.


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