Who makes decisions affecting the West Indian Co. Ltd? A nine-member board of directors appointed by the Public Finance Authority.
What about the Port Authority, Industrial Development Commission and other boards?
Here is a list-in-progress of members of V.I. boards and commissions. The agencies are listed in alphabetical order.
This ten member board includes five from each district one of which must reside on St. John in the STT/STJ district. The terms are four years staggered, three for four years and two for two years in each district. The members may be reappointed at the end of a term and/or serve until a new member has been appointed.
The members, their districts and terms are:
St. Thomas
Eastlyn E. Igwamadu, 9/15/94 – 9/14/98
Roy Sheridan, 9/15/94 – 9/14/98
Judy G. Bonelli, Chair, 7/11/95 – 7/10/99
George "Calito" Kean, 5/23/96 – 5/22/00
St. John
Erlyse E. Penn, 8/29/96 – 8/28/00
St. Croix
Maria D. Friday, Chair, 4/29/96 – 4/28/00
Gloria I. Joseph, 4/29/96 – 4/28/00
Juan Pardo De Zela, 10/28/94 – 10/27/98
Carlotta Espinosa Moorehead, 10/28/94 – 10/27/98
Errol A. Chichester, 8/29/96 – 8/28/00
This seven member board always includes the Commissioner of Licensing and Consumer Affairs as its first member. The terms are three years (staggered), two members terms expire in each year, each member may serve until another successor has qualified. At least two members must be architects and at least two members must be engineers. Members two through seven must have been active in architecture, engineering or surveying for at least three consecutive years proir to serving.
The members, their districts, profession and terms are:
Commissioner of Licensing and Consumer Affairs, ex officio member
Ivan H Diaz, Chair, Architect, St. Croix, 8/6/93 – 8/5/96
Justin W. Berkeley, Engineer, St. Croix, 8/23/93 – 8/22/96
Bernard S. Fabio, Surveyor, St. Croix, 8/6/93 – 8/5/96
Alton Adams Jr, Engineer, St. Thomas/St. John, 8/23/93 – 8/22/96
John P. Woods, Architect, St. Thomas/St. John, 1/21/94 – 1/20/97
James T. Boschulte, Engineer, St. Thomas/St. John, 8/23/93 – 8/22/96
All nine members of this council must be private citizens representing all fields of the performing and fine arts; civic, education and professional groups must be cunsulted in selecting nominees. The terms are three years staggered so the terms of three of the members expire each year. Members are limited to two consecutive full terms.
The members, their home islands and terms are:
Jose Raul Carrillo, St. Thomas, 11/3/97 – 11/2/00
Gwendolen M Adams, St. Thomas, 11/3/97 – 11/2/00
Rosary E. Harper, Chair, St. Thomas, 11/3/97 – 11/2/00
Luz Suarez De Highfield, St. Croix, 7/24/98 – 7/23/01
Reuben Vessup, St. Croix, 11/3/97 – 11/2/00
Karen Thurland, St. Croix, 11/3/97 – 11/2/00
Denise Georges, St. John, 11/3/97 – 11/2/00
These six members serve a term of two years and may continue serving until the qualification and appointment of a successor. Two of the members shall be from St. Croix and Two shall be residents of of St. Thomas/St.John. Members three through six require the advice and concent of the legislature.
The members, districts and terms are:
Lieutenant Governor, as Chairman
Commissioner of Finance, as Secretary
Winston Bennett, St. Thomas/St. John, 7/13/95 – 7/12/97
Desmond L. Maynard, Esq., St. Thomas/ St.John, 5/22/95 – 5/21/99
Pablo O'Neill, St. Croix, 11/3/97 – 11/2/00
Ernesto Gutierrez, St. Croix, 2/19/98 – 2/18/00
There has been some confusion about the makeup of this commission.
It apparently is supposed to have five members, four from St. Croix and one from St. Thomas-St. John, but as of February 1999 it had three members from St. Croix, one from St. Thomas and one from St. John.
Members serve five-year terms, although three original appointments were made for three years to allow staggered terms. No member can serve more than two consecutive five-year terms.
The law sets the casino commission's salaries at $60,000 to $100,000, with the chair getting an extra $5,000. Those salaries previously were set at $85,000 for the chair and $80,000 for members.
Members and their terms are:
Imelda Najera Dizon, St. Croix, 6/15/98 – 6/14/03
Eileen R. Petersen, chair, St. Croix, 5/11/2000 – 5/10/05
Lloyd M. McAlpin, St. Croix, 12/21/99 – 12/20/04
The seven members of the board serve indefinite terms. The members shall represent the pluralistic nature of the VI society. The appointed members shall be of both sexes, represent the three major political parties, be of all ethnic groupings residing in the VI, and be from all three islands.
The members, their ethnicity, home island, political affiliation and terms, are:
Christoph Keith Massac, African American, St. Thomas-I.C.M, 1/20/94 – to present
Erva A. Denham, Vice Chair-PR, Caucasian, St. Thomas-Republican, 1/20/94 – to present
St. Thomas-no party
Harry A. Daniel, Secretary, African American, St. John-Democrat, 1/20/94 – to present
G. Luz A. James, Chair, African American, St. Croix-Democrat, 1/20/94 – to present
Earl Roebuck, African American, St. Croix-Democrat, 1/20/94 – to present
St. Croix-Republican, Hispanic Woman
The territorial CZM Commission consists of 15 members — five from each island who make up that island's CZM Committee — plus two officials who serve ex-officio, without votes.
The ex-officio members are the Planning and Natural Resources commissioner and the assistant commissioner of the Planning Office.
The other 15 members serve two-year terms but may continue to serve after their terms expire until a successor is qualified.
Those 15 require Senate confirmation.
CZM members and their terms are:
St. Thomas
William F. Newbold Jr., 9/29/93 – 9/28/95
Albert Paiewonsky, chair, 8/23/93 – 8/22/95
Austin Monsanto, 10/28/94 – 10/27/96
Two vacancies
In April 2000 the governor reappointed Monsanto to a two-year term and nominated Anthon Winston Adams to succeed Newbold; Robert Mathes to succeed Paiewonsky; and Sarah M. "Peggy" Simmonds and Dr. Ida M. White to fill the two vacancies.
St. Croix
Eric Schindler, 9/12/95 – 9/11/97
John Beagles, 9/12/95 – 9/11/97
Charles Farrell, 1/25/93 – 1/24/95
Albert Hewitt, 9/12/95 – 9/11/97
One vacancy
In April 2000 the governor renominated Charles A. Farrell for another two-year term; Rupert W. Ross Jr. to succeed Beagles; Christian O. Christensen to succeed Schindler; and Asta O'Bryan James to fill the vacancy.
St. John
Alline W. Thurlow, 7/24/98 – 7/23/00
Thomas F. Matthias, 7/24/98 – 7/23/00
Marquise C. James, 9/15/94 – 9/14/96
Julien Harley, chair, 9/15/94 – 9/14/96
Paul Thomas, 9/15/94 – 9/14/96
Voters elect members of their district Board of Elections, and the two district boards combine to form the Joint Boards of Elections. Here are the members with the year their terms expire.
St. Thomas-St. John
Rita Brady, 2000
Aubrey E. Bridgewater, 2000
Roy Howard, 2000
Shawn Michael-Malone, 2000
Christoph K. Massac, 2000
Donna Roberts, 2002
Gaylord A. Sprauve, 2002
St. Croix
Ana "Anita" Davila, 2000
Carmen M. Golden, 2000
Dodson K. James, 2002
Evelyn M. James, 2002
Arthur A. Joseph, 2000
Malcolm K. Plaskett, 2000
Raymond "Usie" Richards, 2002
The seven members of this board serve four year terms each. Three of the members shall represent banking institutions and thee will be residents of each of the islands. A vacancy by expiration or resignation shall be filled by appointment by the governor. Any vacancy
occuring between appointment shall be filled by the governor.
The members, home island and terms are:
Director, Office of Management and Budget
Michael Dow, Banking Institution Rep, E/D, 3/12/97 – 3/11/01
Percival E. Clouden, Chair, Banking Institution Rep, E/D, 3/12/97 – 3/11/01
Banking Institution Rep, E/D
Vacant, St. Thomas
Vacant, St. Croix
Alvis Christians Sr, St. John, 3/20/97 – 3/19/01

This seven-member board includes two members selected from a list provided by the Central Labor Council of active government employees, plus one retiree from government service and one other active government employee.
Members serve three-year terms, with a limit of two complete terms. Any vacancy must be filled to meet the requirements of the original appointment for the unexpired term. All current members are serving their first terms, although some terms have expired.
Members of the GERS Board, their home islands and terms are:
Corine D. King, Chair, St. Croix, 4/28/98 – 4/27/01 (first term – GVI retiree)
Leona E. Smith, St. John, 4/28/98 – 4/27/01 (first term – active government employee)
Francisco Frank Stapleton, St. Thomas, 4/28/98 – 4/27/01 (first term)
John P. deJongh Jr., St. Thomas-St. John, 11/09/99 – 11/08/02 (first term)
Vincent G. Liger, St. Croix, 4/28/98 – 4/27/01 (first term)
Carver Farrow, St. Thomas – St, John, 3/10/00 – 3/9/03 (first term)
This is a seven-member commission, with five members appointed by the governor with advice and consent of the Legislature and two government employees (one from St. Thomas-St. John, one from St. Croix) chosen by fellow employees in a manner determined by the personnel director.
Of the five gubernatorial appointees, two must be residents of St. Thomas, two of St. Croix and one of St. John.
Members serve two years but continue to serve until a successor is sworn in.
Members and their terms are:
Gregory L. Schuster, St. Croix, 7/21/95 – 7/20/97
Juan Centeno, Chair, St. Croix, 8/14/98 – 8/13/00
Vacant, St. Thomas gubernatorial appointee.
Marlene V.J. Adams, St. Thomas-St. John,5/2/00 – 5/1/02
John Abramson, St. Croix, 5/2/00 – 5/1/02
Paulette Rabsatt, St. Thomas 5/11/00 – 5/10/02
Clemmie C Moses St. John, 3/10/00 – 3/9/02
This is a 13-member commission with two committees, one for each island district.
All members require Senate confirmation and serve two years, although members continue serving until their successors are sworn in.
The law requires that at least one member live on St. John and at least one live in Frederiksted.
The members, their islands and terms are:
Planning and Natural Resources commissioner, ex-officio as secretary.
Joyce Donovan Caron, St. Thomas-St. John, 11/3/97 – 11/2/99
George "Carlito" Kean, St. Thomas-St. John, 1/16/96 – 1/15/98
Chaneel Callwood-Daniels, Chair, St. Thomas-St. John, 3/10/00 – 3/09/02
Mabel Maduro, St. Thomas-St. John, 3/10/00 – 3/09/02
Philip Sturm, St. Thomas-St. John, 9/17/96 – 9/16/98
Karen Samuel, St. John, 3/10/00 – 3/09/02
Ilma M. Christian, St. Croix, 9/12/95 – 9/11/97
Carmen Gonzalez, chair, St. Croix, 3/10/00 – 3/09/02
Rudolph A. Johnson, St. Croix, 9/12/95 – 9/11/97
Harold Thompson, St. Croix, 11/3/97 – 11/2/99
Jose Martinez, Frederiksted, St. Croix, 11/3/97 – 11/2/99
Rupewrt N. Pelle, St. Croix 6/30/00 – 6/29/02
Vacancy, St. Croix
This 18 member commission includes eight members from each district and the Commissioner of Housing, Parks and Recreation as the ninth member. The terms are three years staggered. Each member shall serve until the appointment and qualification of their successor.
The members, districts and terms are:
St. Thomas
Gilbert Comissiong, Chair, St. Thomas, 7/13/95 – 7/12/98
Kenneth Hermon, St. Thomas, 7/13/95 – 7/12/98
Vacant, St. Thomas
Angel M. Corneiro, St. Thomas, 7/13/95 – 7/12/98
Lionel V. Roberts Jr, St. Thomas, 7/13/95 – 7/12/98
Garry Sprauve, Vice Chair, 7/13/95 – 7/12/98
Elton A. Chongasing, St. Thomas, 7/13/95 – 7/12/98
Commissioner of Housing, Parks and Recreation
St. John
Jose A. Penn
St. Croix
Ralph A. De Chabert, 7/10/97 – 7/9/00
Trevor R. James, 7/1/97 – 6/30/00
Clarence A. "Cherra" Heyliger, 7/1/97 – 6/30/00
Olaf G. Hendricks, 7/1/97 – 6/30/00
Edward Milligan, 8/23/93 – 8/22/96
Elroy D. Harrison, 7/1/97 – 6/30/00
Commissioner of Housing, Parks and Recreation
There are two nine member boards, one that serves the St. Thomas-St. John district and one for St. Croix.
Upon nominiation of a district board member, the governor shall declare whether the nominee shall also be appointed to the board of directors of the corporation.
No employee subject to the corporation's supervision (except for a doctor or nurse) can be a member of the board of directors or the district governing board.
Each board elects its own chair.
Members serve for three years but may continue to serve until a successor is qualified.
St. Thomas-St. John
Gov. Charles W. Turnbull 6/7/96 – 6/6/98
Ralda Simmonds, 6/7/96 – 6/6/99
Beverly Chongasing, Chair, St. Thomas, 12/21/99 – 12/20/02
Ray K. Joseph, St. John, director, 8/14/98 – 8/13/01
June A. Adams, nurse, director, 8/5/98 – 8/4/00
Horace T. Brooks, 12/21/99 – 12/20/02
Samuel W. Topp, 12/21/99 – 12/20/02
Natalie A, Thomas, St. John, 12/21/99 – 12/20/02
Dr. Ira Buchalter, 1/26/00 – 1/25/03

St. Croix
Godfrey G. Fredericks Jr., 12/2199 – 12/20/02
Rev. Lester A. White, 12/2199 – 12/20/02
Gloria G. Bell, 12/2199 – 12/20/02
Frances M. Molloy, 12/2199 – 12/20/02
Wallace WM. Phaire, 6/30/00 – 6/29/03
Marc A. Jerome, doctor, 2/2/00 – 2/1/01
Rita de Chabert Schuster, 6/7/96 – 6/6/99
Maria M. Hennemann, Vice Chair, 6/7/96 – 6/6/97
Annie Day Henry, nurse, 6/6/96 – 6/6/97
This is a seven-member commission that includes, by virtue of position, the commissioner of Tourism as chair and the director of the Internal Revenue Bureau.
Two of the other five members' terms have expired.
Those five members require Senate confirmation and cannot be IDC beneficiaries or V.I. or U.S. government employees. They serve three-year terms, with a maximum of three terms. One member must represent organized labor. One must be under age 30 at the time of appointment.
Members and their terms are:
Commissioner of Tourism, Chair
Director of Bureau of Internal Revenue
Labor Representative, St. Croix
Under Age 30, St. Croix
Mary Ann Pickard, St. Croix, first term
Malcolm K. Plaskett, St. Croix, first term
Vacant, St. Thomas-St. John
The Board of Land Use Appeals consists of nine members — four each from St. Thomas and St. Croix and one from St. John. They serve two-year terms. Each member may serve until a successor is appointed.
There are only six members as of May 1999 and of the six, two are serving under expired terms.
All members must be confirmed by the Senate.
Board members currently (May 1999) are as follows:
St. Thomas
John P. Woods, 8/14/98 – 8/13/00
Elton A. Chongasing, 8/14/98 – 8/13/00
James H. Hindels, 8/14/98 – 8/13/00
St. John
Jose Penn, 8/14/98 – 8/13/00
St. Croix
Reginald A. George, 3/29/85 – 3/28/87
Aloy Wentworth Nielsen, vice chair, 1/13/93 – 1/12/95
Clarice A. Blake was nominated April 25, 2000.
Edward D. Richards was nominated april 25, 2000, to fill a vacant position.
The Lottery Commission has seven members, two government officials who serve by virtue of their positions and five other individuals.
Two of the five must be licensed lottery dealers, one each from St. Thomas-St. John and St. Croix. The remaining three
must include one resident each from St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix.
Members serve four-year terms. The terms of all of the existing commissioners have expired.
Lottery Commission members and their terms are:
Finance commissioner, chair
Director of Management and Budget or a designee
Mercedes P. Samuel, St. Croix, lottery sales agent, 8/23/93 – 8/22/97
Achilles F. Flores, St. Croix, 9/29/93 – 9/28/97
Clarence Gumbs Sr., St. Thomas, 8/23/93 – 8/22/97
Clement Hendricks, St. John, 8/23/93 – 8/22/97
Vacant, St. Thomas-St. John lottery sales agent.
The eight members on this board serve terms of two years each and may serve until the appointment and qualification of their successor. Three shall be residents of the St. Thomas/St. John district and three shall be from St. Croix. Members two through eight may not be employees of Justice, and Bureau of Corrections.
The members, districts and terms are:
Attorney General, member ex officio, without vote
Antonio M. Acevedo, St. Thomas/St. John, 4/1/97 – 3/31/99
Piere Theodore Danet Jr, St. Thomas/St. John, 4/1/97 – 3/31/99
Melville G. Samuel, St. Thomas/St. John, 4/1/97 – 3/31/99
Chesley Roebuck, St. Croix, 3/12/97 – 3/11/99
Ralph E. Delemos, St. Croix, 4/1/97 – 3/31/99
Santiago S. Diaz, St. Croix, 4/1/97 – 3/31/99
Evelyn M. James, either district, 4/1/97 – 3/31/99
The Port Authority consists of nine members: four government officials who serve by virtue of their positions and five others — two from St. Thomas, two from St. Croix and one from St. John — who require Senate confirmation.
The members of the Port Authority board and their terms are:
Tourism commissioner, chair
Attorney general
Public Works commissioner
Small Business Development Agency director
Sidney Lee, St. Croix, 4/25/98 – /4/27/01
Hector Peguero, St. Croix, 4/28/98 – 4/27/01
Robert O'Connor Jr., St. John, 4/28/98 – 4/27/01
Kent E. Bernier Sr. was nominated Feb. 25 to replace Melville Plaskett, St. Thomas; approval pending.
Leslie A. Milliner was nominated Feb. 25 to replace Nick Pourzal, St. Thomas; approval pending.
This five-member board consists of two representatives of labor, two of management and a chair. Two members must be from St. Thomas and two from St. Croix. All require Senate confirmation.
Members serve five years. They may continue to serve until a successor is sworn in and they may be reappointed.
Members as of February 2000. Note: several appointees have not been approved as of this date.
Hugo Dennis, Jr, labor, St. Thomas – St.John, 6/30/00 – 6/29/05
Management, St. Croix
Aubrey Lee, chairman, 7/29/99 – 7/28/04
Lewis P. Hill, management, St. Thomas-St. John, 7/29/99 – 7/28/04
Ray A. Martinez, labor, St. Croix, 4/25-94 – 11/8/99
The five members on this board serve terms of four years each. One member shall be a resident of St. Croix and one a resident in the St. Thomas/St. John district. Members four and five must not be employees of local or federal government and must be knowledgeable in "municipal" finance.
Members and their terms are:
The Governor, as Chairman
Commissioner of Finance
Director of the Budget
Roy D. Jackson, St. Thomas/St. John, 12/3/93 – 12/2/97
Paul J. Arnold, St. Croix, 12/3/93 – 12/2/97

The PSC has nine members, including two non-voting senators appointed by the Senate president. The other seven members require Senate confirmation.
As of December 1999, the PSC has one vacancy and three expired terms.
Members serve three-year terms and may serve until a successor is sworn in.
Here is the current list of voting PSC members and their terms of appointment:
Alecia M. Wells, St. John, 4/22/98 – 4/21/01.
Walter L. Challenger (chair), St. Thomas, 6/3/96 – 6/2/99.
Desmond Maynard, St. Thomas, 7/11/95 – 7/10/98.
Dora S. Hill, St. Thomas, 6/3/96 – 6/2/99.
Patrick N. Williams, St. Croix, 3/12/97 – 3/11/00.
Luther Felix Renee, St. Croix. 7/24/98 – 7/23/01.
Vacancy, St. Croix.
Non-voting members are:
Sen. Gregory Bennerson
Sen. Donald "Ducks" Cole
Several nominations to this board are pending in the Legislature.
The seven members of this board serve terms of four years staggered. Only three of the members may be licensed brokers, one of which must be an attorney. All broker members must have been licensed for at least five consecutive years prior to appointment. Not more than three of the members may reside on any one island.
Members, home island, and terms are:
Adelbert Anduze, vice chair, St. Croix, 3/9/92 – 3/8/96
Jan Hanley, St. Croix, 9/15/94 – 9/14/98
Lauritz H. Schuster, St. Croix, 9/15/94 – 9/14/98
Yvonne L. Tharpes, St. John, 11/30/94 – 11/29/98
Vacant, St. Thomas
Peggy Neal Lyman, St. Thomas, 9/22/92 – 9/21/96
Fred Vialet, chair, St. Thomas, 9/29/93 – 9/28/97
This seven member board shall includes two St. Thomas residents, two St. Croix residents and one resident from St. Criox. Members serve two year terms and may continue to serve until the appointment and qualification of their successor.
Members, home islands and terms are:
Commissioner of Finance, as Chairman
Ronald E. Russell, St. Croix, 10/28/94 – 10/27/96
Glenworth A. Byron, St. Croix, 8/23/93 – 8/22/95
Lloyd Romeo, St. Thomas, 10/28/94 – 10/27/96
John T. Williams, St. Thomas, 9/21/92 – 9/20/94
Leona E. Smith, St. John, 4/28/98 – 4/27/00
Sanford Grishman, E/D, 8/13/93 – 8/12/95
The 17 members on this board serve for five year terms each. Each member may serve until the appointment of their successor. Ten of the members must be residents of the Virgin Islands and seven do not need to bo residents.
Members, districts and terms are:
Chairman of the Board of Education, member ex officio
Commissioner of Education, member ex officio
President of the University, member ex officio
Roy D. Jackson, St. Thomas, 3/12/97 – 3/11/02
Bernard Paiewonsky, St. Thomas, 3/12/96 – 3/11/01
Henry C. Smock, St. Thomas, 3/1/97 – 3/11/02
Paul Arnold, St. Croix, 1/25/93 – 1/24/98
Mario N. De Chabert, St. Croix, 3/12/97 – 3/11/02
Ann Boschulte Murraine, St. Thomas, 6/15/98 – 6/14/03
Vacant, St. Croix
No Residency Required
Auguste Rimple Jr, 6/16/93 – 6/15/98
Alexander Moorhead, 3/96 – 3/01, elected by Board of Trustees
Christopher Highfield, 8/99 – 6/00, elected by Student Body
Linda Thomas, 8/99 – 6/00, elected by Faculty
This is a nine-member board that includes three government officials who serve at the governor's pleasure and six individuals who cannot be local or federal government employees. Those six require Senate confirmation.
Terms are for three years and are to be staggered so two members' terms expire each year. Each member may serve until a successor is sworn in.
WAPA board members and their terms are:
Three government members who serve at the pleasure of the governor:
Andrew Rutnik, commissioner of Licensing and Consumer Affairs
Dean C. Plaskett, commissioner of Planning and Natural Resources
Ira M. Hobson, commissioner of Housing, Parks and Recreation
The other members are:
William E. Lomax, Thomas-St. John, 11/9/99 – 11/8/02
Claude A. Molloy Sr., St. Thomas-St. John, 11/9/99 – 11/8/02
J. Arthur Downing, St. Thomas-St. John, 6/3/96 – 6/2/99
Carol M. Burke, Chair, St. Croix, 11/9/99 – 11/8/02
Alphonso Franklin, St. Croix, 12/21/99 – 12/20/02
G. Luz James, 12/21/99 – 12/20/02
Decisions affecting the West Indian Company Ltd. are made by a nine-member board appointed by the Public Finance Authority.
WICO board members don't require Senate confirmation and serve at the PFA's pleasure. Members' terms are set at
three years.
The PFA is a five-member board controlled by three government officials: the governor, the Finance commissioner and the director of the Office of Management and Budget. This means that the governor effectively controls not only PFA actions but WICO appointments.
Here is the list of WICO board members as of February 1999.
Edward E. Thomas
Calvin Wheatley
Gwendolyn Adams
Gov. Charles W. Turnbull
Rudolph Krigger
Frandelle Gerard
Bent Lawaetz
Arturo Watlington Jr.
Leona Smith
Here is the list of the former WICO board members, with the dates of their appointment or reappointment and the dates their terms were to expire:
Edward E. Thomas, February 1997, February 2000
Lincoln I. Oliver, February 1997, February 2000
Amadeo I.D. Francis, February 1998, February 2001
Gwendolyn Adams, February 1997, February 2000
Nellon Bowry, February 1996, February 1999
Julio A. Brady, February 1996, February 1999
Juan Centeno, February 1998, February 2001
Gov. Roy L. Schneider, February 1998, February 2001
Calvin H. Wheatley, February 1996, February 1999


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