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St. Croix Final Vote Clinches Barshinger Win


Nov. 13, 2004 – The 2004 election came to a close with the final tabulation of mail-in absentee votes counted on Saturday. The latest unofficial results from St. Croix again saw no significant changes in the congressional, senatorial or at-large races.
On Nov. 6 provisional and walk-in ballots were counted, resulting in the third and fourth place senatorial finishers switching positions. The mail-in, provisional, and walk-in ballots will be added to the results of the general election of Nov. 2 and will be certified by the Board of Elections in five days.
Following the general election, the fate of several candidates hung in the balance. This final phase of counting firmly seats At-Large Senator-elect Craig Barshinger and Sen. Ronald Russell in the 26th Legislature. Before the final tally Barshinger was ahead of veteran Sen. Almando "Rocky" Liburd by a narrow margin of 369 votes. In the St. Croix district Barshinger picked up 83 more absentee votes while Liburd picked up 52. While Liburd led in the St. Thomas-St. John district, his territorial total was not enough to win him reelection. Barshinger ended up winning by just 319 votes. (See "St. Thomas-St. John Election Results Final").
Russell, the seventh-place finisher, was 63 votes ahead of former senator Adelbert Bryan. Russell picked up 61 additional absentee votes and Bryan received 56 absentee votes.
Senator-elect Neville James, who came in first in both the democratic primary and the general elections, and received the most provisional and walk-in ballots, continued his winning streak with the highest number of mail-in ballots.
The new legislature will be sworn in on the second Monday of January 2005.
Below is a list of candidates, the number of St. Croix absentee votes and the total votes candidates received (including provisional and walk-in votes, pending St. Thomas-St. John mail-in absentee vote tallies).

Delegate To Congress

1. Donna M. Christensen, Democratic Party, absentee 139, total 8,363
2. Warren B. Mosler, Independent, absentee 22, total 5,304
3. Krim M. Ballentine, Republican Party, absentee 13, total 353

Senator At-Large

1. Craig W. Barshinger, Democratic Party, absentee 83, total 7,355
2. Almando "Rocky" Liburd, Independent Citizens Movement, absentee 52, total 4,983

Senator – St. Croix

1. Neville James, Democratic Party, absentee 75, total 7,318
2. Pedro "Pete" Encarnacion, Democratic Party, absentee 48, total 6,170
3. Juan Figueroa Serville, Democratic Party, absentee 44, total 6,121
4. Terrence "Positive" Nelson, Independent Citizens Movement, absentee 47, total 6,120
5. Norman Jn Baptiste, Independent, absentee 35, total 5,251
6. Usie Raymond Richards, Independent Citizens Movement, absentee 67, total 4,928
7. Ronald E. Russell, Democratic Party, absentee 61, total 4,773
8. Adelbert M. "Bert" Bryan, Independent Citizens Movement, absentee 56, total 4,705
9. Michael Thurland, Democratic Party, absentee 61, total 4,612
10. Douglas E. Canton Jr., Democratic Party, absentee 53, total 3,530
11. Emmett Hansen II, Democratic Party, absentee 49, total 3,257
12. Noel Loftus, Republican Party, absentee 31, total 2,994
13. Lilliana Belardo de O' Neal, Republican Party, absentee 27, total 2,854
14. Oneida Granger, Independent, absentee 14, total 2,840
15. Alicia "Chucky" Hansen, Independent, absentee 14, total 2,729
16. Wayne A.G. James, Independent, absentee 25, total 2,433
17. Troy D. Mason Sr., Independent, absentee 9, total 1,986
18. Reuben Fenton, Republican Party, absentee 19, total 1,514
19. Rhea D. Dowling, Republican Party, absentee 17, total 1,475
20. Michael A. Monagle, Independent, absentee 18, total 1,040
21. Robert N. McAuliffe, Republican Party, absentee 12, total 902
22. David Montgomery King, Independent, absentee 12, total 902
23. Steve Nisky, Independent, absentee 11, total 817
24. Glenn "Butcher" Brown, Independent, absentee 5, total 659
25. Gosnel Matthew, Independent, absentee 1, total 436

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