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St. Thomas-St. John Election Results Final


Nov. 13, 2004 — After almost eight hours of counting mail-in absentee ballots Saturday, Board of Election Chairman Lawrence Boschulte said no changes have been made to the General Election outcome in the St. Thomas-St. John district.
Saturday's count of about 335 absentee ballots was the final tabulation of votes since the Nov.2 election. The provisional and walk-in ballots were counted earlier this week.
"I'm not expecting anything else," Boschulte said. "So the numbers should stay the same."
This year's election had been a tight race and the fates of several candidates were hinging on the absentee ballots – in the senator at-large race candidate Craig Barshinger and his opponent incumbent Sen. Almando "Rocky" Liburd, and in the senatorial race Sen. Roosevelt David, who held the seventh position, followed closely by incumbent Sen. Carlton Dowe and candidate Alvin Williams.
With the absentee, walk-in and provisional ballots counted, Barshinger picked up 335 votes while Liburd gained 416. However, Liburd still did not gain enough to cinch a win. Voters on St. Croix gave Barshinger the victory. (See "St. Croix Final Vote Clinches Barshinger Win"). Barshinger had been ahead of Liburd with a 369-vote margin in the unofficial results.
David picked up a total number of 301 votes to include provisional, walk-in and absentee votes, Dowe 320, and Williams 204. But David held his ground.
Below is a list of candidates and their total votes in the St. Thomas-St. John District to include provisional, walk-in and absentee ballots:
Delegate to Congress
1. Donna M. Christensen, Democratic Party, total 9,516
2. Warren B. Mosler, Independent, total 2,218
3. Krim M. Ballentine, Republican, total 1,159
1. Almando "Rocky" Liburd, Independent Citizens Movement, total 7,463
2. Craig Barshinger, Democratic Party, total 5,410
Senator St. Thomas-St. John
1. Shawn-Michael Malone, Democratic Party, total 9,807
2. Adlah "Foncie" Donastorg, Democratic Party, total 9,154
3. Louis P. Hill, Democratic Party, total 7,705
4. Celestino White Sr., Independent, total 6,924
5. Liston Davis, Independent Citizens Movement, total 6,728
6. Lorraine L. Berry, Democratic Party, total 6,579
7. Roosevelt St. C. David, Democratic Party, total 5,920
8. Carlton Dowe, Independent, total 5,606
9. Alvin Williams, Independent, total 5,525
10. Donald "Ducks'' Cole, Independent, total 4,230
11. Alex "Good News" Randall, Democratic Party, total 3,984
12. Stephen "Smokey" Frett, Independent Citizens Movement, total 3,237
13. Nicholas "Nick" Friday, Independent, total 2,988
14. Wilma Marsh Monsanto, Independent, total 1,495
15. Kevin Robert Jennings, Independent, total 384
16. Karl Caesar, Independent, total 336

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