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Tourism Presents Crucian Cultural Bazaar , Street Fair


Dec. 7, 2004 – Extending a Warm Crucian Welcome to the cruise ship passengers visiting the port town of Frederiksted a new tradition has begun. Reminiscent of the town's historical street festivals, The V.I. Department of Tourism and the Frederiksted Economic Development Association have partnered to present the "Crucian Cultural Bazaar." Promoting the Island’s motto of "Culture, History and Tradition," the Crucian Cultural Bazaar takes place on King Street from Buddhoe Park, which is located adjacent to the Ann Abramson Pier cruise ship docking facility, and incorporates the area from the park along the barricaded blocks up to Hill Street in Frederiksted. The hours of fun begin at 7 pm and continue on until 11 pm each evening that a ship is docked for fuel bunkering. The Crucian Cultural Bazaar features St. Croix's traditional Mocko Jumbie stilt dancers; Steel Pan musicians; the Island's official music: "Quelbe" performed by local artists; Calypso, Quadrille Dancers, African Dancers & Drummers, local Arts & Crafts, sweets, treats, lots of great shopping and much, much more. Local residents and tourists alike come to Frederiksted during each of these events to participate in the festivities and to extend a warm welcome to the passengers and crew to the Island of St. Croix.
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