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Fish and Wildlife Division Sets Buoys as Fish Magnets


Dec. 20, 2004 — The Department of Planning and Natural Resources' Division of Fish and Wildlife is helping to take the guess work out of finding fish.
The division has deployed two replacement fish aggregating devices off the north shore of St. Thomas.
The devices to attract fish, which were deployed Nov. 30, are located 15 miles north of Little Hans-Lollik Island and 19 miles north of Outer Brass.
Roger Uwate, chief of Fisheries for the Fish and Wildlife Division, said Monday the devices are large buoys that attract various kinds of fish.
"It makes it easier for the fishermen to catch certain types of fish," Uwate said.
However, recently proposed federal restrictions have threatened to diminish fishing areas for local fishermen and would ban the fishing of several types of fish, if approved. (See "Fishermen, Politicians Speak out Against Proposed Federal Fishing Restrictions "
For more information, contact the Division of Fish and Wildlife, St. Thomas Office at 775-6762 or stop by the Division of Fish and Wildlife Office, located in Red Hook, for more information on the devices and their respective coordinates.
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