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At Dockside: Two Novels, Ten Paperbacks, and a Scientist's Study of 'The Race Myth'


Here is where you will find what's new at St. Thomas' well-known, well-read Dockside Bookshop at Havensight Mall. Every week you will find new titles to peruse. Look for updates of our "picks" for fiction and nonfiction and, at the end of the reviews, a "Top Ten" of new fiction paperbacks.
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"The 180-Day Theory Change Through Empowerment" by Devin "Dutchie" Robinson. Bookman Publishing, self-help, 93 pp. $13.95.
"The 180-Day Theory" book is the ultimate advancement tool. Whether you are struggling in your finances or have difficulty adjusting in your environment, "180-Day Theory" will give you insight on how you can overcome these obstacles! The information is refreshing, stimulating and invigorating.
This book rehabilitates, intervenes and propels your tendencies into a whole new dimension. All age groups can benefit from the principles enclosed.
Devin "Dutchie" Robinson is a popular Daily News Columnist who grew up on St. Thomas.

"Love and Death in Brooklyn" by Glenville Lovell.
G. P. Putnam's Sons, fiction hardcover, 310 p. $23.95
Blades Overstreet returns in an atmospheric crime novel set in that mysterious world known as Brooklyn.
Glenville Lovell's first mystery, "Too Beautiful to Die," was called a "page-turner" (New York Daily News) and "stylish entertainment" (Booklist). Now he's back with a story ripped from today's headlines — a brilliant young African-American politician gunned down as his career is about to take off.
Ex-cop Blades Overstreet is finally at peace. His case against the NYPD has been resolved, his estranged wife has come back, and the two of them, along with Blades' young daughter, have settled into a nice home and a nice life. But peace is ephemeral on the mean streets of Brooklyn, and when the son of a good friend and mentor is murdered right before his eyes, Blades knows he won't be able to rest until the killer is brought to justice.
"The Race Myth: Why We Pretend Race Exists in America" by Joseph L. Graves, Jr. Dutton Books, nonfiction hardcover, 285 pp. $24.95.
A leading scientist proves once and for all that race does not exist and provides solutions to end racism.
While the public debate over the existence of race, racism, and affirmative action continues to rage, preeminent evolutionary biologist Joseph Graves will forever change how we think about race. According to his provocative argument, science cannot account for the racial categories used to classify people. He goes a step further to describe racism as an unintended consequence of evolution and offers creative, innovative ways to bring true equality to America.
"The Race Myth" debunks the ancient fallacies still held as fact and perpetuated in everything from damaging medical profiling to misconceptions about sports. Through accessible and compelling language, Graves reveals the impossibility that any group of humans now in existence has a separate genetic line of descent. "The Race Myth" also explains why defining a race according to skin tones or eye shape is woefully inaccurate and why applying these false categories to assumptions about IQ, behavior, or predisposition to disease has devastating effects.
Demonstrating that racial distinctions are social inventions, not biological truths, "The Race Myth" brings much-needed, sound science to one of America's most emotionally charged debates.
"Honeymoon" by James Patterson & Howard Roughan.
Warner Books, fiction tradepaper, 400 p. $16.00
How does it feel to be desired by every man and envied by every woman? Wonderful. This is the life Nora Sinclair has dreamed about, the life she's worked hard for, the life she will never give up.
When FBI Agent John O'Hara first sees her, she seems perfect. She has the sophistication. The tantalizing sex appeal. The whole extraordinary package. And men fall in line to court her. She doesn't just attract men, she enthralls them.
So why is the FBI so interested in Nora Sinclair? Mysterious things keep happening to people around her, especially the men. And there is something dangerous about Nora — something that lure Agent O'Hara at the same time that it fills him with fear. Does a dark secret lurk behind the unexplained gaps in her past? And as he spends more and more time getting to know her, is he pursuing justice? Or his own fatal obsession?

Top Ten New Fiction Paperbacks

1. "A Family Affair" by Marcus Major, $13.95
2. "Hour Game" by Anonymous & Imogen Edwards-Jones, $14.00
3. "Hotel Babylon" by Bertram L. Charles, $10.95
4. "Sierra City" by Gerri Hill, $12.95
5. "Player Haters" by Carl Weber, $15.00
6. "The Velvet Rope" by Brenda L. Thomas, $13.00
7. "An All Night Man" by Brenda Jackson, Kayla Perrin, Joylynn Jossel, & Tamara Sneed, $13.95
8. "Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Legacy" by Eric Van Lustbader, $7.99
9. "In the Moon of Red Ponies" by James Lee Burke, $7.99
10. "The Wolves of Calla" (Dark Tower, Book V) by Stephen King, $18.95
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