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New DPNR Fees


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April 20, 2005 – Commissioner Dean C. Plaskett, Esq., of the Department of Planning and Natural Resources announces that effective June 1, 2005 the Division of Environmental Protection will implement new Earth Change permit application and review fees, consistent with the International Code Council (ICC), International series of codes, "I-codes – 2003, promulgated by Act No. 6697 on October 27, 2004.
The ICC codes, specifically the Uniform Building Code (UBC) "Grading Permit Fees and Grading Plan Review Fees", fee schedule is based on the amount of soil that will be graded, excavated or otherwise disturbed. All new earth change permit applications must clearly specify the amount of soil, in cubic yards, that will be graded, excavated or otherwise disturbed. This information, to be used for assessing the permit fee must be provided on the requisite site plan.


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