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Youth Television Workshop Premier's 'Word'


April 20, 2005 – The Reichhold Center for the Arts in conjunction with the Law Enforcement Planning Commission are pleased to announce that students from the Youth Television Workshop, are premiering episodes of a new television program "WORD," on April 2005, 7 p.m. at the Reichhold Center for the Arts, which is free to the public.
The Youth Television Workshop is a 10-week after-school program spun from the successful summer's Youth Moviemaking Workshop. Students gain hands-on experience in scripting, videotaping and producing stories for a half-hour thirteen episode television series. The overall goal of this program is to introduce students to the technology, art and discipline of digital media. Over the ten weeks, students learned the language and techniques of journalistic style video production. From this students go into the field and collect their short stories, interviews and opinion polls to correlate with topics they have previously selected for all thirteen episodes.
"This program takes a peak at opportunities that normally are not available or currently unaware of. This opportunity empowers them to voice their ideas and concerns and showcase what they have to offer. It's all created by them. The hard work they put into it will pay off as soon as it gets aired on local television, that's the ultimate satisfaction" said Denise Humphrey, Reichhold's co-interim director, technical and facilities.
The Youth Television Workshop is funded in part by the Law Enforcement Planning Commission and is taught by Edward Laborde, Jr., writer, producer and director, of Me & Mrs. Jones, as well as Director of Film Promotions for the VI Department of Tourism. Laborde, is assisted by Richard Sturdivant, digital media technician at the Reichhold Center and Malcom Morgan, digital media institute volunteer.
For more information regarding the Youth Television Workshop and "WORD" television program, contact Denise Humphrey, co-interim director, technical and facilities at 693-1550.


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