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More On Margot Bachman


It was a delight to read your charming profile of Margot Bachman. However, your crack reporter neglected to cover two very important areas where she has demonstrated a storied proficiency. They are as boss and mule rider.
Margot was my very first employer back in 1961 when, as a boy, I was hired by her to deliver St. Thomas This Week after school to the various retail outlets in downtown St. Thomas (I'm pretty sure the statute of limitations has run on any child labor violations).
She was a stern taskmaster who expected continuous toil for a day's pay, a rather shocking discovery to this then newest member of the local labor force. During our association, she taught me many life rules that I utilize to this day.
Now, fast forward forty-two years to about eighteen months ago when I found myself outside of Marrakech, Morocco in a ramshackle minibus, hurtling up into the Atlas Mountains to explore Berber culture and to visit an ancient Kasbah. Accompanied by Margot, my intrepid traveling partner, we hiked into the mist-shrouded highlands, lunched on lamb and couscous on a hilltop filled with wild flowers and then forded numerous streams as we descended back to where our tour bus awaited. One of us rode a large mule up the mountain and the other rode on the return. Margot rode downhill, and only because one of her shoes, not having been made of as sturdy stuff as the woman who wore it, failed the mountain climbing test. The rest of our group struggled all day to keep up with this amazing adventuress. I would happily accompany this remarkable woman anywhere on earth, but only if I am given six weeks to whip myself into shape in the gym.
Our paradise is filled with gems but Margot's flawless cut and clarity stands out among all the rest. She is priceless.
Elliott McIver Davis
St. Thomas


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