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News Brief: Green Builders Launch Web Site


May 24, 2005 – The Island Green Building Association is gaining ground in its efforts to get the word about environmentally-conscious building out to folks around the territory.
While there is no way to stop development, the group hopes to guide it in a way that does less damage to the environment.
President Barry Devine said Monday that the extensive building on St. John is causing a big sedimentation problem.
"It's impacting the marine resources," he said.
To help people learn about green building, the St. John-based organization has developed a Web site, www.igba-stjohn.org.
The Web site lists the 10 most important things to discuss with builders when planning a house. These are:
1. Utilize responsible and comprehensive site design and preparation.
2. Minimize depth and footprint of site excavation and stabilize disturbed areas.
3. Control runoff, erosion and sedimentation, including storm water on paved surfaces.
4. Protect and maintain natural drainage ways and guts.
5. Utilize environmentally safe onsite sewage systems.
6. Protect neighboring properties from negative impacts.
7. Use cleared brush for erosion control.
8. Maximize energy efficiency to reduce water and electricity consumption.
9. Minimize light, noise and visual pollution both during construction and afterwards.
10. Remove, compost or recycle construction waste and debris.
The organization has also developed a pamphlet on green building that is distributed at real estate sales offices, professional groups and civic organizations.
Devine said that the organization formed nearly a year ago. He said it now has about 20 members from the construction industry as well as residents concerned about the environment. Devine said the organization is in the midst of a drive to increase its membership.
The Island Green Building Association meets at 8:30 a.m. on the last Saturday of the month at the restaurant space at Mongoose Junction. All are welcome.
Call Devine at 693-5409 or 693-1038 for more information.

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